Part three

Blood pressure 120/80 pulse 68 11.50pm

This last four days reminds me of how I used to be and how I want to be! If only I could be like this all the time

Felt well and normal all day.

One weird thing is I don’t feel the higher pulse rate like I have done other times.

ECG report sent off at 11.05am on Friday 6th January 2017. I had a Heart rate of 68 bpm

Saturday 7th January

I went to bed at 12.30am and fell asleep, only to wake at 1.50am. I fell back to sleep again at 2.10am and didn’t wake until 7.30am.

Blood pressure 124/79 pulse 63 at 8.30am.

Felt well and normal, as I have generally all week, until about 1pm, when I started feeling dizzy. That said, beforehand I had two glasses of diet Pepsi. Did the Aspartame or Caffiene trigger it? I rarely drink Pepsi anyway. Yet I drank diet coke on 16th and 17th December and nothing happened. These symptoms are bizarre and baffling.

My big crashes come on average once a fortnight. I had been drinking Alcohol on 12th November and 25th December when my heart rate went up to 122 and 119 and my stress level on my phone was very high. I stopped drinking Alcohol as a result and haven’t touched it since Christmas Day. During the other big crashes I hadn’t touched alcohol or aspartame.

I felt dizzy until 1.30pm and my feet felt cold on and off all day.

I didn’t have major palpitations as such but didn’t feel right and my face was flushed. I felt uncomfortable. Something very weird happened. I tested my stress hormones at 12.23pm and it was low, then at 13.47pm it went back up to high average. At 15.42pm it went totally down to zero, which was alarming. That has never happened before.

At 16.14pm it was high average. It was also that an hour and a quarter later. It also remained in the high average range.

At 12.10pm my heart rate was 67 bpm according to AliveCor.

At 15.30pm it was 110 bpm.

At 15.45pm it was 125 bpm.

I took my blood pressure at 6.30pm and it was 151/90 with a pulse of 110.

At 7.30pm and it was 143/90 with a pulse of 110.

Just after 8.30pm it was 142/94 with a pulse of 108.

At 9.50pm it was 140/93 with a pulse of 85. I then felt a stabbing pain in my heart area.

At midnight it was 130/80 with a pulse of 70.

ECG report sent off at 3.30pm on Saturday 7th January. Heart rate 107 bpm

Sunday 8th January

Feet felt cold at the morning but normal later. Felt well and normal all day. No symptoms. Again reminding me of how I used to be.

Before three months ago if I drank alcohol or had diet pepsi I was fine. Nothing would have happened. I could drink what I wanted before October 2016 and have no ill-effect.

My blood pressure was 128/88 with a pulse of 65 at 9.30am.

My blood pressure was 127/80 with a pulse of 74 at 1.30pm.

My blood pressure was 126/83 with a pulse of 72 at 5pm.

My blood pressure was 123/78 with a pulse of 72 at 9pm.

ECG report sent off at 3.45pm on 7th January. HR 122 bpm

I have noticed every time I have an episode or feel odd, I am urinating a lot.

Monday 9th January

Felt generally ok. A bit off in the early afternoon but no major symptoms, apart from feet feeling a bit cold. Had no episodes. Felt pretty normal later on.

Blood pressure 128/80 pulse 62 at 9.43am.

Blood pressure 141/87 pulse 70 at 6.30pm.

Tuesday 10th January 2017

Felt well and normal all the day. No symptoms.

Again today reminds me of how I used to be and how I would like to be all the time.

Blood pressure 125/88 pulse 70 at 8.30am

Blood pressure 123/79 pulse 77 at 6.30pm

Blood pressure 124/78 pulse 76 at 10pm

Wednesday 11th January

Woke up at 5.20am. Didn’t fall asleep again. Worst night’s sleep for nearly two weeks.

Took blood pressure at 6am. 123/89 and pulse of 68. Felt stabbing pains in heart area. Noticed erratic heart rate. Fairly high one minute. Normal the next. Yet stress hormones low to very low. Heart rate later stabilised.

Blood pressure 119/82 pulse 101 at 12.10pm.

Felt fluttery for about 20 minutes from 4.30pm as if my body was fighting against the release of a huge adrenaline surge. Feet felt cold constantly from 6.30pm onwards. Felt odd stabbing pains in center of chest. Dark under eyes.

It is worrying to how I think how I have deteriorated in the last three months.

Heart rate 102 bpm at 9pm according to AliveCor.

Blood pressure 136/89 at 10pm. Heart rate 93 bpm. Stress levels medium on phone.

Coldness in feet gone. 10.40pm.

Blood pressure at 11.55pm 125/81 heart rate 77 bpm.

Thursday 12th January

Went to bed at 1.10am and woke up at 8.20am. Slept straight through but still felt tired for a while after waking up. That has been going on since about 2010 unlike many of my present symptoms.

Felt well and normal all day.

Blood pressure 121/82 pulse 77 at 9.30am.

Blood pressure 107/76 pulse 88 at 12.30pm.

Blood pressure 125/78 pulse 84 at 7pm.

Friday 13th January

Went to bed at 1am. Woke at 7.30am. Didn’t feel very refreshed (Nothing new!) but otherwise ok.

Blood pressure 126/78 pulse 83 at 8.30am.

Blood pressure 132/73 pulse 78 at noon.

Blood pressure 126/77 pulse 76 9pm.

Felt well and normal all day.

Saturday 14th January

Went to bed at 1am. Felt stabbing pain center of chest. Fell asleep but woke at 3.50am with a jolt. Went to the toilet. Fell asleep 20 minutes later. Woke at 7.45am. Stabbing pains over heart area and fluttery feeling as well.

Blood pressure 125/84 pulse 83 9.10am

Felt stabbing pain and flutters around heart area. Feet felt cold until 4pm. That said, I also have a cough today. Felt more normal after 4pm.

Blood pressure 124/83 pulse 79 at 4pm.

Blood pressure 122/85 pulse 68 at 10.30pm.

Sunday 15th January

Blood pressure 116/78 pulse 73 at 9.20am. I slept through with no jolts or anything like that.

Blood pressure 110/72 pulse 66 at 1.50pm.

Feet started feeling cold from 1.30pm. Back to normal 3.30pm but then stabbing pains heart area. Ended at 4pm.

Had Sunday dinner at 4pm. Had palpitations whilst eating.

Blood pressure 125/74 pulse 80 at 5.30pm. Stabbing pains center of chest 8.50pm.

Blood pressure 121/79 pulse 69 10.50pm.

Monday 16th January

Slept through night but don’t feel refreshed as per usual.

Blood pressure 116/76. Pulse 76 at 8.50am.

Morning felt normal and felt fairly normal apart from stabbing pain in heart area at around 4pm. Under my eyes were clear in the morning but dark circles appeared in afternoon.

It seems my nervous system has got very sensitive to stimuli this last few months or like a barrier or screen has been dropped. Perhaps I had high heart rates in the past and palpitations but couldn’t feel them before. Felt better after 5pm.

Blood pressure 116/71 pulse 65 at 11.20pm.

Tuesday 17th January

Blood pressure 116/80 pulse 69 at 9am. Didn’t wake in the night with any jolts or adrenaline surges.

I have had since Saturday a cough on and off. It comes and goes. Feel slightly breathless this morning but not rapid breathing or a gasping, wheezing breathlessness. Wore off later. Had a cough at times but otherwise normal.

Blood pressure 119/78 pulse 76 at 4pm.

Blood pressure 121/78 pulse 70 at 11.20pm.

Wednesday 18th January

Blood pressure 121/74 pulse 73 at 9am.

104/68 pulse 73. 2pm

Blood pressure 114/70 pulse 70 4pm.

Feet felt cold evening and cough on and off. But no cold. Stabbing pain in middle of chest.

Thursday 19th January

Blood pressure 127/80 pulse 75 12.08am

Stood up 12.09am

135/87 pulse 82

Stood up 12.11am

122/86 pulse 86

Stood up 12.13am

123/87 pulse 89

Blood pressure 115/85 pulse 77 at 9.30am.

Feel tired, lethargic and run down. Feet feel cold. Felt normal after 12 noon. Felt ok after that.

Blood pressure 116/70 pulse 82 12.30pm.

Blood pressure 121/76 pulse 69 4pm.

Blood pressure 125/77 pulse 76 7.30pm

Blood pressure 114/84 pulse 66 11pm. Feel better and more comfortable. Would like to be like this 100% of the time.

Friday 20th January

Woke up at 2.20am with a cough. But that’s unlikely to be related to my illness/symptoms. Fell asleep 30 minutes later.

Blood pressure 115/77 pulse 73 9.30am. Felt well apart from cough. No symptoms.

Blood pressure 110/65 pulse 82 at 2pm.

Saturday 21st January

Blood pressure 123/82 pulse 68 8.30am.

Blood pressure 125/78 pulse 67 12.10pm.

Happy with those blood pressure levels and pulse rate. That’s

ideal and where I want to be.

Blood pressure 116/69 pulse 74 11.30pm

Palpitations 6.30pm to 7pm and cold feet for a short spell. Had intermittent cough as well.

Sunday 22nd January

Blood pressure 118/79 pulse 73 at 8.40am.

Blood pressure 116/81 pulse 70 11.30pm.

Felt well and normal all the day. No symptoms.

Monday 23rd January

Blood pressure 123/80 pulse 69 at 8.30am.

Felt well and normal all day apart from feet feeling cold between noon and 6pm. Had a cough as well on and off.

Pulse 70 at 8pm.

Tuesday 24th January

Blood pressure 125/77 pulse 73 at 8.30am.

Blood pressure 114/75 pulse 69 at 9pm.

Felt well and normal all the day. No symptoms. Had intermittent cough.

Wednesday 25th January

Blood pressure 116/75 pulse 69 at 8.45am.

Felt normal apart from cold feet and warm feeling around heart area at lunchtime. Feet felt normal from 3 pm but cold feet evening and intermittent cough. Otherwise ok.

Blood pressure 122/78 pulse 70 at 10.50pm.

Thursday 26th January

Blood pressure 122/79 pulse 70 at 6am.

Woke up at 5.30am. Not with a jolt or an adrenaline rush. Remained awake until 6.30am then fell asleep again. Woke up again at 8am.

A stabbing, acidy feel in center of chest. It feels uncomfortable, like I wanted to be sick and bring food back up. Intermittent cough. Feet feel cold. Felt normal from 2pm.

Blood pressure 123/74 pulse 93 at noon.

Blood pressure 122/80 pulse 72 at 11.40pm.

When eating evening meal it felt as if it didn’t want to go down and had to drink water to get it down. Felt acidy and pain in center of chest since 7.30pm.

Friday 27th January

Blood pressure 121/77 pulse 74 at 9am.

Blood pressure 122/83 pulse 68 11.45pm.

Felt well all day. No symptoms. No cough.

Saturday 28th January

Blood pressure 116/80 pulse 70 at 9am.

Intermittent dry cough. Acidy feel in chest after breakfast.

Blood pressure 110/73 pulse 88 at 3.30pm.

I think my tachycardia episodes and adrenaline rushes are a symptom of something, rather than a cause or an illness in themselves.

Blood pressure 139/88 pulse 87 at 11.10pm.

Feet felt cold this evening. Went back to normal at 11.20pm.

Not a good day but not like 20th October, 26th October, 12th November, 3rd December, 12th December or 7th January.

Sunday 29th January

Blood pressure 120/74 pulse 69 at 9am.

Blood pressure 124/82 pulse 65 10.20pm.

Felt well all day. No symptoms apart from intermittent cough. No cold feet.

Monday 30th January

Blood pressure 120/84 pulse 73 at 9am.

Blood pressure 123/83 pulse 75 at 10pm

Had no cold feet and felt generally ok apart from intermittent cough, which got worse in the afternoon/evening. Had palpitations and a spell of stabbing pains in heart area about 5.30pm and felt fluttery later. Intermittent cough and stabbing pains center of chest 10.30, 11pm. Blood pressure fine and pulse normal at evening. Both have been generally normal as of late.

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