Who has tried this DonJoy Reactive knee brace — Chondromalacia Patella (Patellofemoral Syndrome) Finding A Cure

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  • I feel that way too... They're just so diminished. So maddening.

    And we are supposed to strengthen them by doing these little exercises that feel like you're not doing anything.

    I miss leg days at the gym, stair climber, cycling, and running!

  • And left the worst tan lines.. I used it for tennis..

  • Oh no! lol

    I don't want the tan lines :(

I got a desperate call from an old friend who just found out she has LD in one... — Dupuytren s Disease Support Forum

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  • Thanks, Konnie.

    What kind of powder - Magna Calm? Have you tried magnesium oil? She's in so much pain. Makes me sad. Her podiatrist only knows about giving steroid injections - says he doesn't have many of these cases. Wish I could send her to someone who does. The podiatrist i see in Mountain View, CA only knows about the Vitrase and Verapamil because I told him about it. If mine comes back, I don't know where to turn either!

  • I have cramps all the time especially when my foot is articulated in any direction. Walking on mud, inclines, soft surfaces, swimming. Sometimes applying pressure helps. When I was in Colorado I tried a Marijuana Salve on my feet and did not have a cramp the entire time using a few times a day. The good news is there was no effect other than relief. The bad news is that I'm from Texas and it's not legal here.

  • I use Natural Calm at night and drink it like a hot tea. It's raspberry-lemon flavored and taste like herbal tea.

Hi everyone sorry not been in touch — Dupuytren s Disease Support Forum

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  • Do you need to wait on your hands until the DD appears as nodules and cords across your hands? Ie: do they only treat obviously active areas?

  • No it's appearing now so it's simply so he can do my feet using the relevant machines and then visit my hands x

  • Ok, i wasnt sure it was showing up on your hands yet. I had both of my left's done, hand and foot. Now a year later my right hand is beginning to become active but I dont want RT until they will radiate my entire hand (ie: full hand as area of treatment) and I don't think they will do that if nodes and cords aren't showing throughout as they were in my LH.

Well I really enjoyed my first coffee talk I wasn t in the correct area to... — Dupuytren s Disease Support Forum

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  • Thank you Joy! Glad we got your question answered! That must be comforting to know that RT is an option for you. We have over 24 Coffee Talks stored in the DDSG Flipbook! We encourage our members to read them all - there's a goldmine of info in the Coffee Talks!

  • It is comforting to know at least it's very possible that I can have RT. I know obviously I need to be examined by the treating physician but it sure sounds like at least the things I was worried about I don't need to worry about!


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  • Thank you

  • The welcome message will now be replaced in the pinned post. This thread will flow through the newsfeed and will be stored in our chapter on Coffee Talks at the next update of the DDSG FlipBook.

  • Thank you, Dr. Jones, for this amazing coffee talk!

2 months after Xiaflex and 3 weeks after my last Kenalog injections I played a... — Dupuytren s Disease Support Forum

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  • Phillip, just so you know, I never had Xiaflex or Kenelog. I have not had contracture. I had radiation to slow down contracture, but my palms and fingers are very sensitive, so hitting a golf club can be problematic, especially if I get too much of a divot. I switched to hybrid irons for the fairway a few years ago and avoid fairway woods. I always sucked at them anyway. Switching to a hybrid 2 iron, 3 iron, etc. really helped even before I got DD. Now, it helps because I hit less divots. I pretty much stick to my driver, a hybrid 2 iron, and whatever I need for short shots. If push comes to shove, I will add padding onto my golf clubs too. Pipe insulation and luggage protectors help me for other things like grocery carts and canoe paddles.

  • thanks for the info, I don't play golf all that often, just have a tournament that I play in that benefits a good cause and just wanted to be less than laughable. I only one glove on the left, which is the xiaflex hand, looks like I'll get a pair of mechanics gloves to play golf with. I already started using vibration reducing gloves for the yard power equipment. but can't play golf with those.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, did you notice any differences in outcomes from each of the two types of treatment for your condition and was one more painful than the other?

Good morning Happy Sunday to all Three new members are here just in time for... — Dupuytren s Disease Support Forum

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  • Hi Leslie can you tell me how to do that . Then I will copy and paste or even as you welcome the start of my journey up to now x

  • Jacqui Williams are you participating on the forum with your mobile device or are you on a PC

  • Jacqui Williams go to the homepage of the forum at the very top of the page under the banner it says write something in a comment box. That is what's called a new thread. Then you can bookmark that thread by clicking the little downward arrow in the top right corner and click on save post. Every time you want to update your journey you can go to the red ribbon icon where your post has been saved. Please go to the welcome message and read through the guidelines for participation and that should help you better navigate the forum.

I went to my first appointment with an Oncologist this week I was pleased that... — Dupuytren s Disease Support Forum

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  • Dr Lauve in Louisiana is a fantastic Oncologist, who knows and understands Dupuytren's...In addtion to being an outstanding doctor, he's a genuine nice person:

  • Dr. Lauve, works out of Baton Rouge General, / Pennington Cancer Center http://www.brgeneral.org/

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz would you please add Dr. Lauve to the map? I'm thinking there may be two other members who have seen Dr. Lauve.

My story abridged Started with trigger finger in July 2016 I had one... — Dupuytren s Disease Support Forum

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  • Certified Hand Surgeon.

  • Here are my pictures, I know I'm in the very early stage. I am 60 years old and live in Dallas, Tx. My parents both died at an early age, I have one sister, 63, she has arthritis in her thumb and has had plantar fasciitis surgery. My hand was still swollen from trigger finger surgery which is why I sought a second opinion. She used ultrasound and various massage techniques and I wore a compression glove. The swelling went down and the nodules have softened. I also have scar tissue on the ring finger of my right hand from the trigger finger. I have not had my feet examined.

  • Lots of us in Dallas. Lots of good sources here Thank G-d. must be something in the water!

Two surgeries on right hand to remove nodules and chords and two cortisone... — Dupuytren s Disease Support Forum

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  • This post confuses me

  • When were your 2 surgeries, Kent?

  • Good luck. I had surgery 2011 left hand, cords, contracture. 2016 right hand, cord and contracture, pad. Good results on booth.

    Now new activity on left hand. Contracture and pad on ring finger and index finger. Living in Myrtle Beach SC now so I am interested in following your RA.

has any of the doctors that we know of labeled DDSG as an auto immune disorder — Dupuytren s Disease Support Forum

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  • Interesting. Thank you Leslie. I do find it interesting that they are talking about something very similar to antibodies, but these do not attack cells. Sounds like if they found the item in the blood stream causing the issue they could come up with something to combat it. UGH!

  • Really interesting article Leslie. Thank you again for the enlightenment.


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  • dawn I went to a RO at a public hospital in Sydney and its free 100% bulk billed on medicare

  • Ruby, how did you arrange it? Did you have to be referred to them by a GP or specialist? Or do you just ring and make an appointment? How long did you have to wait?

  • I got my gp to refer me to the hand specialist Stuart Myers who is also based at prince of Wales - he did the 2nd referral to the RO who was professor Jackson at the public hospital which is another building on the same block