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  • I wish it were that easy to cure!

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    Were you actually diagnosed with LD?

    I just wonder as it seems that from everything I read on this site people have tried lots of alternative treatments to no avail. Piezogenic papules could be mistaken for LD. I would be interested to know if it is most definitely LD that you are dealing with.

  • how can you tolerate deep tissue massage, my lumps are waay too tender for that kind of thing

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  • My husband has bought me small light weight rod and reel with large softer grips to reel in. I also wear padded weight lifter gloves. Also a higher end reel to work smoother for me.

  • Bass and crappie for me

  • I lost my favorite rod in october to a striper. Couldn't keep my grip and watched it fly across the water. Probably would've been my catch of the year. Doesn't help that my fishing buddies don't understand DD and they chalked it up to clumsiness. Had to hear jokes for the rest of our camping trip.

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  • Sorry using voice to text I hope you can understand what I just said LOL

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz coffee talk transcripts are all written they are not recorded by voice. I had someone private message me the other night looking for the transcripts and didn't realize that they are not voice recorded. Lol!!! You will get there Barbara I know it!

  • Yes I did read them the videos were on Dr P's site. lol

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  • And while we can offer sympathy any serious emotional problems caused by DD or any other condition need to be dealt with by a mental health advisor.

  • Not by your fingertips tho...

  • Whoops - that was supposed to go under the 'hang in there' comment. Sorry, laughter is all that helps for me...

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  • Hi

    Yes my son dislocated his elbow about 4 times around your daughter's age (his 8 now).

    Hasn't happened since.

    It's completely normal being worried about this happening but don't worry my son used to pop his back in himself with a little help from calpol and nurofen

  • I'm 16 and got diagnosed at 4. I had tons of injuries when I was younger. Now I have frequent knee and shoulder dislocations but I can pop them back in myself (normally) but you get used to it. As a kid my mum knee I was in pain as I didn't want to jump about ect. So she will let u know xx

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  • i am so glad we are so lucky here in the UK and not have the problems you guys have x

  • Jacqui Williams there are many very good aspects to our healthcare system here in the US. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and have never been denied treatment and have access to outstanding providers. My husband is on Medicare and it paid all but his $40 co-pay for a $60,000 hospital bill. Just as you have variable coverage for different procedures depending on your postcode lottery, we have similar gaps here in the US. All areas where there is lack of coverage need to be improved no doubt and this is true for any country in the world.

  • we are lucky we do not have to have medical insurance to cover things unless you want to join bupa being your own choice,

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  • Yes Al we all suffer psychologically to some degree with these diseases. There is a very wide range of suffering in the group with many members having all four related diseases. Hopefully we will gain strength from each other

  • I try to protect my hands from damage, repetitive stress, and working thru trigger finger issues without surgery... Physio helped me learn what was causing carpel tunnel and trigger finger and I splint my hands when I can.

  • Yep Al Hofman, i have all 3 i'm afraid, DD first, Ledderhose next and finally peroynies last year to complete the set :(

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  • I have limitations and cannot physically do that.... I'm an ER RN and even at work when we have a full arrest, I'm not doing compressions nor bagging the patient due to my hand problems.

  • I am a PT and must use hands a lot. And this yr cpr recert i got a reprieve from instructor to just do 2 compressions and fake the rest

  • Lol... me too! I pretend during the practice and go halfass during the checkoff.

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  • Welcome!

  • Hi and welcome to DDSG. A good place to start is reading the pinned post. It is a great road map to all the resources you can find in this forum.

  • Phyllis, Michael, Sandy, Elizabeth, Keith and Al: Hello and welcome to our awesome group!

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  • I guess I'm just rambling because I'm so scared. I'm not ready to have it treated yet, just wondering if you all go to surgeons for treatment, or a hand specialist. If that makes sense...

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz only choose a fellowship trained hand surgeon who treats a high volume of patients with this disease. Be very selective and your choice of doctor and make sure that he she meets this criteria

  • If it's any help Brenda Johnson Micka, I can relate completely - surgery now so I can get the RT before 10 degree contractures set in, etc. Nothing simple with this disease, but I am so grateful to the wonderful people here for the knowledge and support. Incredible. Keep reading and posting.

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  • No. I didn't realize that was a medical treatment. I do get them with my manicures.

  • Thank you Wayne. I have been seeing a hand surgeon for several years now. Tried to see another highly recommended hand specialist, unfortunately they don't take my insurance.

  • Thank you Vickie. I was just having a pity party. Time to move forward and figure all this out.

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  • Gail, i can't work the costs out? The price I was told was for the 10 sessions, 2 lots of five with a 12 week break in between ( I think that's what I was told) I have not had any medical treatment this year so my rebate will be the lowest level. I might ring Medicare Monday, do you have the item


  • Id be interested in hear about your experience with Genesis. Their web site is what actually led me here. I was diagnosed with DD 10 years ago but have only mild contraction. Interesting find, i work in the Radiology field and was scoping Gensis's web site for professional curiosity reasons when i saw the front page with the DD photo and link to their services

    . The last time

    I saw a specialist there wasnt any options other than surgery so I'm keen to learn all about the 'recent' advances in treatment options.

  • Thanks for that, it was good to read that RO take on things.

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  • Please take our list of questions for your radiation oncologist and I also suggest that you read a few member stories and also some of the Coffee Talks on Radiation Therapy. My guess is that there are over 8 of these in our files and each one has 30 questions and answers by our experts. Probably the most important advice we can give is to make sure you have a TEAM approach to your care. make sure that you have a hand surgeon who will treat you when you have finished RT. Ask your Radiation Oncologist if he works collaboratively with a hand surgeon and if he doesn't ask him to help you put together a team.

  • Really good point Leslie. I did not think to ask the hand surgeon about that. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Yes RT thank you. I corrected my post. I didn't even notice I had put RF

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  • Your cottage sounds wonderful. So sorry you had to let it go. We have a camper we take over to the Canadian side of Lake Huron. Love getting away and camping in the woods.

  • I loved it up there. It was a little piece of heaven! We would hike the mile through the glacially carved hills through the woods to another lake. I do miss it, a lot!

  • All the best Marcia xxx

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz That is what I was thinking.

  • I just reread it, but don't think there was anything about an additional ingredient in the botox.

  • My girlfriend gets regular injections in her arm for MS. Her hand is drawn up and it helps to relax it.