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  • My doctor told me, that the Strep virus caused my HSP to flare up, the virus enters my system, then straight to my Lymph nodes in my neck and within a few days my entire Immune system is affected. Strange how it effects others differently, and how different things cause it.. I believe it has alot to do with your Immune system, and how heathy it is. I try to eat foods that boost my immune system and stay active to stay healthy. This last winter I had a bad flare up again, with alot of personal issues in my life, I neglected my diet and rest and my system was weak. I now have an ulcer steming for the anti-inflammatories that I took from the joint pain. But I am on the road to recovery, and I take anti-biotics when ever there is a Strep outbreak in my area, to protect myself. The longer I can go without another flare up the better my chances of not having one for a long time.

    Thanks for starting this group, what a relief to know others out there share my pain and understand what I am going through.

  • Hi Cindy

    Thanks for joining our group! I totally agree with what you wrote about it having to do with your immune system and how healthy it is. I too try to stay active and eat a healthy immune system boosting diet. (If you haven't already, have a look at the link I have posted on here "Dr Weils anti-inflammatory diet" and the discussion board topic "Alternative therapies" for more info)

    When were you first diagnosed with HSP? Mine started in January 2007 and I still have the rash on my feet and legs, although nowhere near as bad as what it was. I have received no treatment, and have been signed off from the hospital so I don't have regular checks.

    I think there is some link to stress as well, it seems that I have flare ups whenever I have "personal issues" too... I guess it all has a knock on effect!

  • Can't tell you how grateful I am for founding this group....I've actually felt quite tearful since my best friend found it for me and my 14 yr old son (her Godson) who was diagnosed 7 weeks ago. I finally feel I'm not being a neurotic mum, exagerating anything or trying to 'eek' out this horrid illness. Your group has given me a bit of confidence xx

    Thoughts for all you guys xxx