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  • Shari Lee Copeland I was considering there because I have friends. What is wrong there? Too many allergens?

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz if this winter is like last winter....it is definately over for me.

  • Way too many allergens!! My pulm says I live it the worst state for breathing with my condition!!! I want to go west!!! Plus the heat with humidity takes my breath away too. I'd much rather have to cover my face in the winter then to ensure this place all year. I get sick at least every April and Sept.

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  • I was on tramadol/paracetamol mix for six months and rheum took me off them as was on eight a day and only just about taking the edge off. As I'm also on methotrexate and arava it wasn't wise as they're potentially liver toxic. I'm now on slow release oxycodone but that only taking the edge off. I've not been pain free for such a long time I've forgotten what it feels like

  • I'm on Tramadol, codeine & paracetamol but they weren't having as much effect these days so have also been prescribed with Nefopam (have not tried this yet though as I only got them yesterday).

  • I'm on slow release oxycodone (12 hourly) after suddenly becoming allergic to Butran patches but find oxycodone doesn't quite do the job, had dreadful withdrawal symptoms after coming off patches, tried tramadol but was not strong enough. Did like my patches though as they were weekly so less tabs to take.

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  • She's been investigated for severe hip pain, has complained of ankle, shoulder and back pain before now (as I said) but i hadn't realised this shoulder was so lax.

  • Ella had xrays for hip pain, because of my hip dysplasia they had to rule it out, but luckily Ella's was irritable hip instead and now she's grown out of it. Poor Amy, I hope it goes away, she's such a beautiful personality xxx

  • I'll just keep my eye on her, hopefully it's just growing pains or whatever x

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  • yes i have leg problems also they swell up and turn ice cold dr. wants me to go to a vascular dr, makes it hard to walk on most days.

  • Yes Tammy I'm on my feet all day too I care for ten kiddos so once they left I finally sat down and took my shoes off and noticed my feet were freezing I knew they were in pain my feet don't usually hurt when I wear shoes only barefoot walking around. I thought how weird my feet would be so cold after being in socks all day

  • U midnight have raynauds

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  • I love you so much sis. I am keeping you in my prayers. This is another awful bump in the road of your life... but you WILL overcome this too. Before you know it you will have Gannon all to yourself for several days a week again. I know he is GREAT medicine, and motivation, for you... but God is the greatest healer of all. He is always with you and will never forsake you. His will be done.

  • So sorry to hear. Has anyone researched a drug called reserpine. It's been used very successfully in the past and done thru an IV.

  • Thanks for the info. Melody Olken Kohl I go to John Hopkins for pain management this Friday. I will ask about it.....I am still interested in the Ketamine Tx. as well

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  • Ups and downs, fears for the future, financial challenges: very hard and my heart goes out to you. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep faith, courage, and take it one day at a time.

  • alam, everybody has pain but pain can't take our life from us, i'm too crawling somedays, no body here knows about our diease. still i have belief and confident. hope you give a try in your traditional nepalesase medicine, because it may suit you to recover fast. But NSD is very good, i can't get it right always. but you strictly follow and get good result. be confident, all has different forms of pain. my prayers for you. Anbe sivam

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, been meaning to nask you: how many curcumin95 tablets do you take per day? X

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  • When people show you who they are...believe them, the 1st time....Maya Angelou once said something to this effect.

  • I'm sorry. This sux.

  • My heart is hurting for you Nichole. In 57 years I think that I have felt it all. I can only imagine the pain this has caused emotionally and physically. Prayers and gentle hugs for support. Please PM me if there may be something I can do to help you.

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  • I would get him to do an ultrasound on your legs to check for blood clots if it's not your kidneys. Get him to check your liver too. Hopefully it's nothing too serious. Mine do that and I've had numerous tests and nothing ever shows up. It eventually goes down. Elevate your legs, cut out salt and rest. Praying!

  • You're not taking lyrica or neurontin are you? Both will cause terrible edema in the legs and feet.

  • Avois salt, fast food and processed foods. Drink lots of water to help flush it all out. When you can throughout the day, lay down and prop your feet up ( above your heart). At night wear compression stockings ( you can wear them daytime too but I don't like too) and sleep with feet propped up with pillow. I do all this when mine are really swelling and usually see a difference within the next day. I'm also on Lasix 80 mg twice a day so you may have to up the water pill to be effective. My nephrologist told me that you should start having to urinate within in hour of taking. If not, the dosage is not high enough. As someone stated earlier too, watch your potassium. Eat a banana or Oj with the water pills. Are you on magnesium? That too helps regulate the fluid in your body.

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  • Yea its really wierd Stacie for some reason i feel worse in the heat than i do in the cold i still ach a lot in the cold but the heat and humidity gets to me way worse i guess thats why i end up spending so much time in the pool in summer trying to find some relief i usually pretty water logged by the end of summer :)

  • Lol Debbie I LIVE for water! It's the only time I feel any better at all....

  • I am in the pool most days. Mostly for the exercises for the knee but on really bad days, just to float, stretch and relax the muscles and joints...

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  • I have had 4 fx thoracic vertebrae in two years, and I am still only osteopenic. I had only 2 years of prednisone! I was recently told to increase my calcium and start Fosemax. I am hoping it does the trick. My back pain from neck to sacrum is always present on some level, I have learned to live with it and be thankful for days when it is only mild.

  • I had a bone density test like 6 months ago and everything was fine. I need to take my calcium.. I havent been taking it :\

  • You must take it,even though it is a pain to take more pills. I neglected to take them for a while and I have paid the price.

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  • :-( I did my right ankle in a pot hole over the park fri 13 last dec, still agony now, but haven't returned to dr as so sick of the fact there's nothing they can do response. My sons physiotherapist said there are ankle supports that have the rigid bits in, I've yet to source but I have an image of mini versions of those worn by Forrest Gump :-)

    I was told to keep active on it but elevate and rest with the heat and ice rotation xx

  • Yes u are doing the right thing x my daughter had hers casted for a week to help it x A&E

  • Yes u are doing the right thing x my daughter had hers casted for a week to help it x A&E

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  • Thanks Lynn. That photo tells me a lot.I strongly believe you have Arthritis. What kind I don't know. To me it looks like RA.

  • Lynn your hands looked just like ming when I first found out I had RA. After you see the Doctor . I will try and help you my friend.I know all the mistakes I made.

  • Thank you. I appreciate all your kind words.

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  • It makes it spread further and it smells better than that old people menthol smell. I get the deep relief from the icy-hot and I smell nice from the cocoa butter and it softens my skin. I hate flares. The every day is bad enough without flaring. I think I have more flare times than normal times. Feel better.

  • That makes sense. That stuff smells yucky!! It does clear the nostrils lol. You feel better too!!

  • After reading all the posts and how I feel I am blaming the weather too. I am my own worst enemy cuz I keep taking the kids fishing and swimming. This weekend no shade so i keep fishing as I rash out :-)

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  • I tried physical therapy then back brace which still didn't stop it from getting worse. So I had the less invasive surgery. If there aggressive enough with physical therapy and the back brace it might help. Either way they won't do any type of surgery until he is done growing. For me that was at age 22.

  • I had my first surgery at seventeen. Girls stop growing earlier. Doing surgery before that would be crazy. I have heard of therapies and braces helping in some cases. Though it has been few. I would think with a 70 degree curve that would be hard, but there are some hard core therapies out there now. I'm not sure I wouldn't just rather do the surgery than what some of these poor kids are doing now. It's like boot camp. 10 hr days of therapy 5-6 days a week. The surgery is difficult, but most often has beautiful results that really changes the life of that person. Your son is young and would bounce back. He should be able to get back to maybe better than most people. By nine months out hell being doing most things. I would think he would stay away from contact sports, that kind of thing. I went on to have 2 children. Just found a bike I could ride after 20 years! I don't snow ski after I saw an accident on the slopes. No horse back riding. I just find that I can do important things. I hope he and you guys find a great doctor. That is truly the key!!!! Good luck

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  • My gosh its so annoying..well more than annoying :(

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I never had ringing in my ears,but I sure lost alot of my hair on Methotrexate!! Allen Marlin the infusions you definitely go to an out patient infusion center for....meds like Remicade, Orencia, Rituxin, Actemera. Lately they are switching to injections at home due to cutting down on hospital charges!! The infusions are better than the injections, but unfortunately nothing worked for me!! Tried everything and I don't know what to do anymore!! NO MORE LONG TERM STEROIDS FOR ME EITHER!!! Way too dangerous!!!:( :( :(

  • Susanne Long have YOU had any side effects from all the steroids??

Sorry guys I don t know what this is it s the 3rd time it s presented itself... — Sjogrens Sister s Support Forum Private

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  • Thanks, I will ♡

  • I have had that too. Mine have gone to the point of being infected. For months! Then spontaneously they heal. I too went to the best breast specialist in Lansing. Same thing by the time I saw her it was gone. I haven't had them for a while. I sure have a lot of mysterious skin issues though :(.

  • I drank a LOT on Saturday night. I don't normally drink like that but it was a high school reunion party so I got a little crazy. I don't remember if the other two times if I drank or not, but I never drink the way I did Saturday. I wonder if it's a liver reaction. I did read a question from a sufferer of what Jackie said it might be saying he heard it was related to liver disease. My liver over all # is borderline high, I have over used Tylenol for pain and drank moderately my whole life. But the 3 numbers under the total number are all normal so my dr's said I just have a fatty liver. In any case.... I'm not drinking alcohol anymore. Calling my dr as soon as he opens.

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  • iv always loved working...started at 14, at 15 i had 2 jobs and 3 h=jobs at 16...done all sorts...worked the fiar on dudley zoo... argos, bar, pub, waitress...some while doing health and social care full time college course, then some while doing part time hairdressing course and having my now eldest daughter who were about 1 n half at the time xx

  • I was medically terminated I cried my eyes out I was 23 and devastated my career gone , no chance of employment I really struggled with it and I get bored what bugs me more it using my blue badge because I can hide it relatively well the abuse I have got is horrible xx

  • morning kelly i sadly was forced to give up jan this year because i had many falls and was deemed unsafe haha so bored at home with older kids instead of toddlers x i do work from home but even that it tiring xx

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  • Ok thanks girl ! I feel so slow like I can't learn to adjust to anything can one of you wonderful ladies just adopt me please :'( lol .

  • Lol I wish you'd be perfect ! you're so encouraging .

  • i need to do a LOT better in the eating department

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  • Sounds like your ulna nerve call your doctor for him to check out. Feel better soon. I have a compressed ulna nerve and that's how my arm gets. Although nothing helps.

  • Yeah, it sounds like a compressed nerve . I'm having an X-ray tomorrow to check to see if that's what's wrong with my arm.

  • Thank you for your responses. I appreciate them.

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  • Yes they helped a lot . But they need to be prescribe by doctor cos they need to meseaure your legs and choose right one for you. They improve blood circulation in your legs so help me heal my legs from open wounds .

  • Thanks! In America you can buy them in Walmart but I agree that my husband's doctor needs to make sure he gets a pair that fits properly.

  • You welcome glad to help

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  • That is one I haven't had. Make sure u read all the side effects before starting any infusion. I know infusions are toxic but keep up with your labs, clean eating, lots of h2o and I think you'll have hope again.♡

  • Good Luck Lori with the change of your new meds and the infusiions!! ;)

  • Ty Sherry

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  • Just an FYI - HSP tends to come in "waves". The rash and other symptoms sometimes comes back after a few days without warning or cause. That is the one thing I wish I had been told when my son first got sick in 2011.

  • Thanks for that! I've taken the week off work to keep her home as there was so much different info given at the hospital and we didn't know what we were going to be in for! She has a follow up appointment Friday with the GP to start her ongoing urine checks with them for the next 6 months. My biggest concern is if she gets sick again will it come back/flare up again?

  • You can never be sure. That is what is so frustrating! My son's doctors said regarding flare ups -"maybe, maybe not". He went nearly 2 and a half years with no HSP flare ups, just kidney involvement, then in April he had a flare up with no reason what so ever. That one lasted 8 weeks and then he flared again the beginning of July. Thankfully his flare ups have been milder than his initial symptoms (he was hospitalized several times when he was first diagnosed). Unfortunately, it has become our "new normal".