Other than behcets another possibility high on the list of possibilities for me...

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  • Great question to ask your doctor.

    Only they can truly decipher tests/ results. I have found no two doctors are alike when it comes to this. I always put a call in and get the details. Please let us know what your specialist says.

  • I think my next rheumy appt isn't until April and he poopooed my GP's behcets theory so idk if he'll care to look into it, but will definitely bring this to that appt.

  • Was the Lyme doc a immunologist?

  • I think DR51 and HLA b51 are completely different ...I'm more familiar with HLA...But I don' t think B52 is necessarily linked with B51 it could just be random

  • You may be right. That's why I'll ask at my next appointment.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz did your doctors find some answers?