Opps I deleted my post again sorry by accident so I lost all of your advice...

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  • Karla, I will not go on chemo, I refuse to be on chemo, they would have to do what I want, I will not suffer anymore than I have to! The doctor's know that already, so I am ready to be pro-active in my care, even if I have to go holistic , I will.

  • I am tired of doctors telling me what to do with my life and my health, I have a say in what kind of treatment I have, I know in my heart that I could get through this but I am not going to become a experient for the doctors, they will have to give me a treatment that I feel comfortable on.

  • You know, I had a lot of time today, to think about yesterday and my doctor's results from the biopsy, I am the same person, I was last year, and just because Lupus is now part of me, that does not change the person I was last year, she is still inside of me and I know I could return back to myself one step at a time! I feel it in my heart, because I am not giving up, I am going to beat this Lupus and I hope you all will have this same attitude I have right now! We all will be ourselves again! I believe in the power of prayer and faith and I believe in my heart of heart, we all will be okay! That is my wish for me and all of my new found friends in this group!

  • My doctor, calls me his LUPUS REBEL! I Think I like that!

  • Because, I challenge him and also am very proactive with what he trys to prescribe me! I am willing to go on treatment, but one I am comfortable with, it is my body an my life and my decisions to make!

  • That's what I also pray for, for all of us to be back to our normal selves.. I will pray that you find something you like and that will heal your body

  • And Karla, I also want you to have the same positive attitude, I have right now! Believe in yourself, I feel the power of positive thinking and prayers are the most powerful medicines in the world. I am here for you Karla! Good Night

  • Mary, first let me say "I'm sorry the news wasn't better". I'm not going to say " don't cry". If that helps you get to point B from point A- so be it!! 2). Your going to read and hear all it of STUFF. Dot be afraid hearing everyone else "horror stories" EVERY LUPUS PATIENT LUPUS IS DIFFERENT!!!!! What works for one may work exact opposite for you, Your own body may change the way it accepts something over time.It is of utmost importance that you be treated by a Rheumatologist that ha a reasonable amount of Lupus patients and if they feel well versed and completely comfortably treating Lupus patients. Prefererably, at a level 3 teaching hospital. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS. AND DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SAY YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE ANSWER. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF A SECOND OPINION! Read up on stuff for yourself. Pay attention to your body. Keep a diary of meds, side effects, procedures,dates, Dr names. Unfortunately , sometimes being sick can be like a job! Are you married? Children?

  • My name is Lisa. I was diagnosed 33 yrs ago!!! At age 15. I am now 50!! Please feel free to inbox me. You can LIVE LIFE with LUPUS!! One Day at a Time. HUGS & More Hugs!!!