Opiods and Disease

I'm tired, my disease has sucked the joy out of life , society has beaten me into believing I don't matter, I have literally had someone say, "it's not about you", this from a close family member only after trying to educate them, not whine to them. Now, I may have to fight just to get the medication I need to function. Do I sound weak? Pitiful even? I am not weak or pitiful; I am a strong human being because I KEEP fighting. My mind has so many things that I want to do but my body says no. I keep going everyday because there is no other alternative, trying to educate the public on autoimmune illnesses and opiods and I refuse to stop. Not just for myself, but for all who suffer from these life altering diseases. When you see something posted somewhere about how it's awareness month for a certain disease, don't roll your eyes like I used to, don't think, they're just trying to get pity, they're not. Read, educate yourself, you never know if it will be YOU or someone you love asking for awareness, not pity.

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  • I couldn't have said any of this any better Tammy...All of your words speak for many of us and I understand your fears and frustrations...

  • Tammy, may I share without using your name on my timeline? You say everything that I feel!

  • Of course you can Sara Tulloss

  • Very well

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz thank you and seriously you wrote exactly how I feel about the whole painkillers conversation. It's crazy how people look at you if they knew. I don't tell them anymore.

  • Oh my gosh Sharon, I had no idea. I'm on opiates as well and my ortho doc told me I have to have a double knee replacement before end of year! Now I'm really worried.

  • Didn't aim to do that for sure !!!!!. Perhaps your Doctor has a plan

  • What I've been told is that when it's used for pain relief it's not addictive, it's when people take opiods but aren't in pain that the addiction factor comes in.

  • I've talked to several Drs. about this. I only know what I've read and what the Docs say . I wouldn't take pain meds

  • agreed!!!

  • Being addicted and being dependent are two different realities.

  • Yes !!!! Thats the truth -thank you for putting it out there