One thing about this disease I am always diagnosed with something I ve never...

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  • Jacquie Raines thats how I felt when they said I had Sjogrens. Im like whats that....some off the wall named thing that at that time didnt even fit me. Now with more research it does but I understand. Having a name is good though.

  • Unfortunately, the Sjogren's diagnosis was only the beginning. The manifestations still amaze me. And this is one of them. Yeesh!

  • Haven't heard of collagenous colitis before. Each time I go to the doctor I am amazed at what Sjogren's has done now.

  • Bad news guys. The drug will cost me - me - $236 for 30 days and it will go against my D plan as costing $1,400. I can't do that. The doctor is going to try a higher dose of prednisone for a while to see if it will help, but he feels the prescribed drug is the best. He didn't like some cheaper versions. If the 10 or maybe 20 mg of prednisone doesn't work, I will have to bite the bullet. And no, I haven't been robbed enough for aid - yet.

  • Sorry Jacquie. It is sad to know that money is the deciding factor in our treatment. I have had to give up meds because of the cost.