On March 16th I posted a poll asking what things you did to help your symptoms

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  • I think this is a misinterpretation of that poll and its question

  • I'm not surprised

  • Could you screenshot the poll for context? Is this the one where people ticked whether they were doing things? Ie diet, exercise?

  • Yes. that's the one. But I didn't interpret anything. I just added the data. No interpretation

  • Well, actually you have. Instead of interpreting the data in the most obvious and statistically useful way (which way was the most popular, which ways had what benefits) you have used it to get up on a high horse and say "most people could be doing more" which is an impossible notion to derive from the information provided. There is so much wrong with how you have gone about interpreting the data that I have to assume you have minimal education. Instead of using the poll to benefit people, you've twisted it in order to be incorrectly critical (something I've noted you have a talent for). Your question wasn't "how many things do you do?" It was framed as a management idea sharing poll. Tbh I think you're just a mean spirited person.

    Please do not poll people if your only intention is to bully people and dismiss their efforts.

    Thanks :)

  • Here is a new poll: How many people think Sharon's poll tally was "mean spirited" or intended to "bully" you?

  • I believe Sharon was only trying to help us find out what more we may be able to do for relief.

  • Cendy, Can you weigh in on this please? I think civility should be one of the primary expectations on a public forum.

    Anna, Perhaps I was intentionally short-sighted, or clumsy, or any number of things, but I am not a mean person. Let's just try to stay out of each other's way until we can interact civilly to each other. My husband taught me a wonderful principle I try to live by: When love fails, courtesy prevails.

  • It was not my interruption that Sharon Ingersoll was being mean spirited just giving us back the information that she had tabulated. That is the intention of this group to share information with one another and all are not going to be happy with that. Thank you Sharon for taking the time in putting a poll together. Information is always important

  • I think the poll was fine , I'm still trying to grasp my self with lupus and figure out what I can do to help myself

  • My comment was in regards to several other interactions with you and your general attitude towards people including myself in the group, although of course I won't speak for anyone but myself. From what I can see people are in this group because they ARE trying. I appreciate your reflection an apologise if I caused offense, although I still think if your intention was to poll people's effort then that was totally misplaced.

  • Now that you mention it Cendy Prator i wanted to thank you for always posting the most interesting articles on our health and was to improve it. I love to read the diet tips. Thank you

  • I believe Sharon is trying to help everyone that she can. I appreciate her effort.

  • Thank you Julie!

  • Cendy, have you instituted any rules for this group? Anything that concerns sales or civility? I can send a copy of the rules and guidelines from another group of you want. But because there's been some disruption on this group in the recent past, I would like to know the rules and if there aren't any in place, I ask that some rules be put in place so we can all be on the same page. Thank you!

  • Wow! I love this group and never noticed anything bad thank goodness. Everyone has been so kind and helpful to each other. Thats really upsetting!

  • Enabling people to speak negatively on your behalf is a dangerous road, up to you guys if you want to take it :)