Omg the women s health forum I participated in today was amazing I really feel...

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  • Great work Halliday, !!!!

  • awesome !!!!!!

  • I need pampletsmwhere to get anyone?

  • Halliday THANK YOU....for doing what you do. You made me cry first thing this morning. I didn't know yesterday was when you were doing it. I'm so proud of you! <3

  • Great job Halliday!! That's awesome!!

  • Jen yes, I'm still working with Senator Gillibrand. Mainly what I'm helping her with currently is prioritizing what needs to happen. For example, first is legislative protection for LLMDs, then getting a good panel for the guidelines, then rewrite guidelines and so on.

    Pamela I used 2 pamphlets/brochures. The first is the one from Marsha's site, which you can find here:

    The second was one published by the Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Inc. You can find the organization at and order the brochures right through the site.

  • Halliday Nelson Cool! I'm so glad you have a connection to the Senate. I'm glad someone there is working to help us. If there's anything others can do with that, let me know!

  • I got lucky having an "in" with this senator, but every Congress person is subject to the opinions of their voters, so don't hesitate to call your representatives and tell them what they need to do for your vote.

  • Had the same type of results when I went to for a Relay for Life rally. People are looking for answers, there are so many lost lymies! You did a great thing! It feels so good to make a difference in even 1 person's life! <3

  • Kudos Halliday Nelson! You are awesome!