Omg tell me i didn t just have to drop my daughter off at this house for a...

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  • ummm gimme the address I am going to have the parent arrested for abuse neglect and tickery! or I will just turn on my green strobes and freak out for awareness!!! arrrg Michelle Perry thank goodness for freaking out, it IS necessary and warranted!!! -look at us, this IS the CESS POOL!!! Is that a bio weapon manufacturing facility??? for real?!?!??! -they probably are afraid of using any pesticides too omfg!

  • it has been moist and it is warm.... arrrg!!!

  • after I get well I think I will abandon this cess pool!

  • wait a minute Michelle Perry, we are simply hosts for the weapon, crap! we need to get treated and out!!!!!

  • I call places Ticksville all the time... And shiver when I do!

  • the hosts, mice, deer, squirrels, birds, people are infecting the ticks! We need to stop infecting those poor defenseless ticks!

  • Lmao!!!!! Eran i wanted so badly to say somethin!! I wish i had my tick shirt on!!! We need to make a funny kinda straight to the point t-shirt mow your f ing lawn!!!!

  • You should have sent me, maybe my brother has an old security uniform.... I could have knocked and asked a lot of questions saying I am from the Cesspool of America Lyme foundation, Lyme awareness division. -doing field research and found your field needs a damn mow down!

  • Lmfao!!!!!!

  • Eran Nils Redick you always make us laugh!!! THANKS!! :)