okay im gonna be starting my b12 shots from dr j soon does anyone know how to...

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  • Lol did u do it???? Ues wild its methyl... I am trying to figure out what the PA did that made hers hurt so bad. Its actually quite painless. I jad mu burn once and i didn't let it warm up at all. June u would be a terrible drug addict!!! Lol well we r all on drugs and proud of it lmao!!! Well i hope u got it done without pain. ;) make believe its botox... Lmao

  • Use an tiny needle and give it in your belly

  • okay thanks guys im still freaking it hurt so bad there in the office ill let you know how it goes im thinking ice first its not the needle but the medicine that stung so bad i think i mean my god ive even had artecol injections in my lips and im pretty tough WTF LOL

  • HMM whoever gave it to you must have done it at a bad angle or something....Or maybe the alcohol they wiped there was still wet..that would sting..or the medicine was still really cold from the fridge...GOOD LUCK!!!!! you can do it!!

  • ill be swearing your name michelle when i do it LOL

  • do we have to do them all tru treatment???

  • OK call me all kinds of bad names if it works..HAHAHAHA

  • I was doing the under the tongue ones then switched over to these not long ago....I love peeing pinkish....redish...OMG if they didn't tell me about that I would have gone to the hospital..HAHAH

  • i thought i was getting my peroid or something LOL

  • Yeah I would have thought that or I was peeing blood because it wasn't time for my monthly friend ..gotta love it!