Ok Went to see the ortho specialist today He is wanting to do the bone plug...

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  • My first surgery was just debridement it did not help any and made it worse.

    I had both done at once plus a ligament mod (brostrom) second surgery and I feel more comfortable with the second versus the first

  • He said the first only has a success rate of about 60% verses the bone graft surgery would be closer to a 80% success rate. And he said it might prevent multiple surgeries if it is successful. I am pretty confident in the surgeon. This ortho group works on most of the major sports teams of Houston. Including the Texans and Astros, and Houston ballet. I'm just afraid I won't be able to keep the pain under control.

  • Did he explain to you what debridement surgery is by chance

  • Is it where they clean it out and drill holes in the bone to promote new bone growth? And they only go in arthroscopic?

  • Debridement is cleaning of dead or injured tissue. What your talking about is debridement plus microfracture. My debridement was done with traditional Open surgery.

    My second surgery was tried by arthroscopy only but surgeon had to re-open my scar and he had to make a j cut to fix ligament. So I went in with one healed scar to finding out I now have a total of three.

    Second surgery.I had my chip removed, scar tissue cleared, microfracture, plus graft, and ligament repaired.

    If Ortho gives an option for nerve block take it. My ortho allowed me to go home with the block and for the first week I had numb nerves, and getting a jump on pain control was a lot easier.

  • I've had both and both failed. If I was to pick between the two the one that I think is most likely going to work more frequently, without a doubt the graft. I honestly would recommend getting a 2nd opinion just to see what another surgeon would do. I have been to 4 but my 4th is my last. I just think it's good to know.

  • This is the 5th ortho I've seen. I wasn't confident in any of the others. Lol

  • How big is your lesion?

  • Hmm sounds familiar. If you're in the US check this list and see if you can go to any of these surgeons. https://ryortho.com/2013/10/the-top-26-foot-ankle- surgeons-in-north-america/

  • 8x6x3 I think. The ortho said it fairly large.

  • mm or cm?

  • Idk

  • That's mm. You won't find a cm of that size in the ankle.... too big.

  • Lol...never was good in math

  • That sounds correct. Is that large like he said? This is the first time dealing with this issue. So not sure what that means. Lol

  • It's not huge but it's a good size. Small ones can be debilitating so it's not necessarily the size that matters. It's the extent that it's damaged. It can still be attached, partially detached, completely detached but still in the space of the bone where it broke off or .. completely detached and dislodged from the area. A lot has to do with which of those types it is.

  • I know its still attached.

  • That's a good thing!

  • I had the surgery with cadaver bone plug and cartilage in November 2015. I'm able to walk, sometimes pain free but I am still working on endurance and don't know if I'll ever be 100% I did join a gym in February and I'm able to walk at least 30 minutes. It's a tough surgery and recovery no doubt. I rented a knee scooter to help get around and it was very very helpful. I also had an over the toilet commode to give me bars to hold to support myself in the bathroom. I also bought a plastic cover for my ankle on amazon for showering which was a life saver. Stay off of it as long as you're supposed to. Don't push yourself in the first 6 weeks especially. You need the surgery, if you currently can't walk, things can only get better, right?