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  • How exciting, Kelly! I haven't been on one, but living in Canada I can say that it might be good to bring layers of clothes because of the change in temps. There is a lot of info that I googled, and this is a good one, I thought.. if the link works.

    10 Must-Pack Items for an Alaska Cruise - ABC News

    abcnews.go.com › Travel

  • I sent it to you in a private message. Have a great time!

  • My friend is actually currently on an Alaskan Cruise right now and she's having a blast. I would take a little of everything. and if the weather is one way or the other, I am sure they have launder services if you need to get something cleaned again to wear.

  • Are you going soon, Kelly? I'm curious, where does the cruise go? Would love to see pics when you return..

    Try this link too..

    Alaska Weather & Forecast Map

    climate.gi.alaska.edu/weather/forecast/f orecast_map.html

  • Hi Kelly! It may depend on where you are going! I have cousins who live in Juneau which has apparently completely different weather than up north..If it helps(?) The weather in Juneau when I've visited in the summer is around 50-70 degrees..Beautiful! Perhaps you could check the weather at each port you are going to? I like a site called wunderground.com.

  • www.google.com

  • Kelly, I lived in Juneau for 7 years - loved every second - plan on rain, misty rain, sun, clouds, plan on layering. It is better to layer 2 t-shirts or 3. Have a rain jacket and rain hat, light gloves that will fit easily into your pocket. Layering of shirts provides the 3 layers of shirt plus the 2 layers of air that end up between the shirts - sounds weird, but. . .it works. My students would layer up to 7 shirts in the winter, LOL. If you are going on tours (walking, etc.) you can also double up on light socks. Good walking shoes would be a must. The cruise ships usually stop in Ketchikan (gets almost the most rain in Alaska - it is a coastal rain forest and it rains about 320 days a year). In Juneau the average is 90 inches of rain a year plus the other stuff. The ports in between can be misty or sunny or cloudy. Ahhh, I'm jealous. I absolutely love Juneau and Southeast Alaska. Have so much fun.

  • An Alaskian cruise or visit there is on my bucket list.

  • I actually went to college in Fairbanks however that's TOTALLY different than Juneau .... I leave May 30 for Canada and get on the ship June 1 :-) thanks for all your words of wisdom!!

  • I was in Alaska in August 2010. Wear layered clothes as a main outfit. When I was in Fairbanks in August I was sweating it was so hot in the sun. Chilly on the cruise around Fjords National Park (I was bundled up) with a down vest and rainjacket. Good walking shoes. Had 70's weather in Anchorage. You will love this cruise and I wish you a great time