Ok Strange question but keep in mind my brain doesn t always process things...

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  • LIKE I NEED ANY MORE STRESS!! I GET A Call FROM THE IMAGING CENTER THAT I NEED AN ABDOMINAL MRI ordered by my Gastroenterolgist. Call the gastro assistant saying she didn't order it. Still waiting to hear from neurologist. I am confused enough! I just don't need them to confuse me anymore

  • Praying for you.

  • Verify before doing tests! When i was pregnant, I walked out of the Drs office and they gave me a script for a dye test. I scheduled it, then because I was concerned about being pregnant, questioned the drs office. I was told, "Oh, no, you weren't supposed to have that test". Was a total mistake and would have been bad to have it pregnant. Definitely, if the Dr didn't discuss you having it, question it!

  • Going to have to call neuro again..no call back... but it's either no news is good news, or no one wants to say anything before Christmas. I hate not knowing more.

  • Veronica when it comes to our health it doesn't matter if a holiday Drawing Near our health is more important.

  • Answer to your question and MRI of the brain can be ordered for several things. Since you if you had an adrenal issue they certainly have memorized that they can compare the new one against. Since autoimmune disorders show inflammation they have to be very careful to rule out the inflammation and some other things to come up with a diagnosis. I just looked quickly cuz I'm extremely tired I hope this helps.

  • I'm just trying to show you that there is a valid reason for them to look for rheumatoid arthritis and the MRI of the brain that the technician was talking about results to you is a stupid thing.

    I was a nurse for 36 years and never walked into a patient's room and said they saw a shadow on the echocardiogram of your heart. That is up to the doctor and the radiologist to discuss.

    My best friend just had a mammogram and the radiology technician called her and said there was something wrong with her results and they found a shadow and she freaked out.

    What they did not know is that my girlfriend has neurofibromatosis and has had a shunt put into her brain and it goes to her abdomen. The shadow was actually the tubing. Believe me the doctor raised hell with the technician that talked to my friend.

    Until you hear from the doctor I would not worry about it. Whatever holiday you celebrate... celebrate it. Each day God gives us a gift of another day take advantage of it. Sending you blessings.

  • Thank you

  • You vent all you want. You have been through hell and back. So the neurologist saw the MRI of the brain and that is what she or he told you? Suggestion always get copies of your MRI disk and the final report from the radiologist sent to your home or for you to pick up. The doctor really needs to go over these results so that you can make notes and that makes sense to you. You are in my prayers. Keep us posted and speak out anytime you need to.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz you. The radiologist has not posted the report yet, and the neurologist didn't call yesterday with the MRI results. I have access to the reports online usually, but not till after the doc goes over them. If she doesn't call tomorrow (today) I may ask my daughter to take me to pick up a copy of the report from the radiology clinic for peace of mind. I know she needs to go over them with me and my Rhuemy to clear me to start treatment. I just don't know what will happen if I can't.

    Thank you for the prayers.

  • I think that is a wonderful idea. Having that final report in your hand will help you get some peace of mind at least. If you need any help with translating or deciphering what they're talking about I would be glad to help you.

  • Christine...just wanted to thank you for holding my hand last night and saying a prayer. After no luck at the doctors office, the imaging center emailed the report. Prayers were answered..it came back normal

  • Every time I've had any kind of diagnostic procedure the tech asks what I have according to what the doc put as the code for insurance. Maybe your doc put your diagnosis as RA

  • She put memory loss R41.3

  • Well praise the Lord! I'm so glad that it was clear. Prayer is a very powerful thing and communication is just as important. So hopefully they can get clearance for the Cardiology testing and find something that is just minor that you could snap your fingers and it go away.

    Excuse me I have to go feed my sparkly rainbow unicorn Pony. LOL.

  • Love it. Talked to the nurse. Says she talked to me already yesterday about it. No recollection

  • Actually looking into it. Research is slow but I will let you guys know.

  • It's an idea....Veronica put a piece of paper and a pen as needed anytime you take a call or write the notes down to what people tell you because the brain fog can be so debilitating under stress and our bodies flaring. Just jot down a few notes. Refer back to the circumstances of that nurse who said she spoke to you.

    Then ask her what 100 digits of pi is. LOL