OK so I don t normally post in this page but I feel like I need to say this

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  • Why would someone do that?....we are family here

  • IDK, I posted on EDS Wyoming fan page what she wrote to me, I haven't read it all and I won't. Its pretty much nothing but nasty hate. I don't know who she is but she personally hates me.

  • Who gives a poop...we are here, we are family and WE love you!!!

  • Thanks :-)

  • :D

  • stupid for people to lash out at others also suffering with EDS issues... they just must be in denial and plain ol mad at everyone.. they should be deleted from the group...

  • I have been bullied so many times, even called a spammer and reported to fb, and it is to the point where I can only share so many things. (I also share adoptable dogs as it helps me cope with all that is going on with me, feel the love there). Maxine sorry you had to go through that. I have left several groups just because of the bullying that goes on. We are here for two things, to aid each other in daily life and bring awareness to others and second to find a cure. Those that bully will have their day and when it comes let us see what they have to say. Had one person ask me why I did not join a circus along with my youngest, bendable granddaughter. Blocked that person but not before saying a few choice words that I cannot repeat here. Take care everyone and do not let the ignorant get you down, we have enough going on in our lives to bring us down we don't need idiots with no clue adding to it.

  • thanks guys. I won't read it all because I know I'd really want punch something. I open my life up to those and talk about my struggles and for someone to try and say im lying plus say other shit that is so untrue just pissed me off

  • You have the right to get angry. It is like when Fibromyalgia first came out (I have suffered with this all my life) and when in the working filed it was always a made up illness to get out of work. So many times I wanted to fly across the bosses desk and slap her/him. My own husband did not know the severity of the pain (or that EDS was real even) until my first visit with a pain specialist (that doctor learned the hard way). My husband was actually crying and asking the doctor to stop but it was the only way to see what was all affected by fibro and by hypermobility (the entire body). Blow off steam as it is not good to hold it in, stress just adds to the pain. Have learned there are some sites to stay away from and I am so sorry you had to be talked to that way. Even if this person had EDS and the pain was at 10 there is this thing called respect and that person certainly did not have that. Just get rid of that person (block them) and maybe stay away from that group.

  • Some other eds pages are brutal not loving and have weird policies, this one is my favorite cause we can be who we are! Fuck yeah!!