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  • Pain is Dr. Gupta

    Dr. Vadas is Mast Cell

  • Karen.....where are Dr. Gupta and Dr. Vadas

  • Dr. Vadas is at St. Mikes.

    Mary Biddulph, my phone died. I'll have to get back to you tomorrow about Dr. Gupta. Please remind me in a pm . Thanks.

  • Sure Mary, let's set time to talk on Thursday if that is good for you. It will be nice to connect.

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  • What time is good for you Sandy? I am working a weird shift. Is Friday morning better or worse for you. I am off until 1 pm and then working until 9 pm.

  • on Friday.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz you're in Toronto I see an excellent physiotherapist Vince Warcop. He manages my pain by doing trigger point work as well as strengthening what needs to be strengthened to hold me together. He worked with me to get me out of my wheelchair and I still work with him a year later but I should be able to get into the gym with him this week or next which is a big accomplishment for me.

  • You must have a good insurance plan Crista Butt.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz $500 a year the same as you. An extremely generous friend paid for most of the rest of last year thankfully because I wouldn't be walking without it. One year ago Toronto Rehab ended my treatment because I couldn't do any therapy on land. Their doctor gave me 18-24 months until I was walking again if ever.

  • Unfortunately, he's out priced for most of us. He makes more than physicians. I requested three treatments. He denied me. I wasn't impressed. You can't tell someone you have yet to work with, minimum treatments are 23 to 33. No wonder chronically ill become despondent or depressed. We're ripe for being taken advantage of. This is just my experience.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I'd love a list of good physios. I had one hurt me and a few not really do anything.

  • Crista Butt, that's the million dollar question and why many are left housebound. Not asking for a handout. I'm just asking for a consult and a few sessions then, do as much as possible at home. Not everyone has the luxury of extended insurance.

  • Yes. Very true. Physiotherapy or physical rehab therapy should be offered as part of OHIP for people with diagnosed pathology that affects mobility/bones/joints/soft tissue. This would be an important aspect of a central clinic. My physio is great but I only have a $500 cap too. I also pay out of pocket for my counseling which every once in awhile I need to help with pain management and I was paying for pelvic floor physio for a year as well.

  • The above has left me in debt. I cannot pay for much more without getting more in debt.

  • I've had to decide now which meds I'm to take. I need at least two types of PT as I'm sure you do too Mary Biddulph. For pt to be "sub specialized" too is getting out of hand. I also had to cancel orthopedic surgery because my PT isn't long enough. I'm single . You do the math. Yes, I am angry. Canadians are being left out in the cold....literally. Especially, the chronically ill and seniors. Help your own background first.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I understand. I need pelvic floor therapy and pain management and PTSD therapy which are not covered and I don't have the money for.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz yes....it is weird that we pay for some services that should be covered. Talk to me later about medication coverage via certain funding. Being a nurse that works with people who have disability I have some ideas. I think we as a group need any clinic catoring to us to include physio.

  • Meeting tonight but if it isn't too late I will.

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  • Hi Mary PM me