OK Now I need a new doctor for my three known cases of Lyme Dh is out of...

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  • I'm saving money for treatment as well...I live in Maryland and have been unable to find a Dr. That takes BCBS either...if you could PM me info also I would appreciate it. I did hear that if you have the PPO plan you may be able to submit it to insurance as out of network..they may reimburse some of the cost but you still have to pay upfront...I'm not sure though as I have no seen a specialist yet

  • I have BCBS. They reimbursed very little. For a $250 visit, BCBS gave us back about $70.

  • Oh and that's with the PPO plan.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I messages you. Check your "other" inbox.

  • I'm sooooo much better now after 7 months of antibiotics. But most of my symptoms were from Lyme arthritis. My bladder and GI problems improved, too. But I wasn't as sick as many of the people of this forum. I didn't have neurological problems which seem to take so much longer if ever to heal.

  • daughter is so close to being herself after 18 months of abx and 7 mos antimslaria

  • whoops meds..going back on doxy with coartem..the best combo we had so far as of my phone,appt a few minutes ago..i think she,will be100% in a few more mos..i have aetna am in md..go to dr in towson ..send bill to aetna and they cover 70% afteryearly large 500 deductible..i love the dr..office staff are sometimes good and sometimes not helpful..i bite my tongue those times just to get to our,destination..

  • Nicole - could you please PM me the name of your Dr. also?

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz - done!

  • We try to message people the names of doctors to keep them anonymous (people get in trouble for treating Lyme) thanks all!