OH s . I totally did not hear my alarms set for 10. 30am. what do I do

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  • they said 5 in the paper

  • yes

  • sorry I was outside smoking, it needs to be done tomorrow. I would call and ask about it being so close to your cycle as well. They need to be done on time and by the instructions. Are you just getting your' cortisol tested?

  • Wasn't sure about the cycle thing, but the first few hits on yahoo say you need to do it on days 19-21 of your' cycle, I would call the doctor.

  • Getting tested for Estradiol and Progesterone

  • and always research what anyone tells you on this or any other discussion board. lyme makes me bossy bossy bossy

  • I am comparing with the instructions

  • Is your cycle Exactly 28 days????

    I would just do it now.... In the future, blood tests are much easier for tracking hormones.

  • hahaha no

  • skips 2-4 months