Oh man I went to sleep with a terrible headache and woke up with one and now my...

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  • I get that sometimes for no reason. I hope it goes away soon.

  • Thanks Christine, I just feel so sore and sick today. I'm going to try and rest. Gotta be better for mothers day

  • I hope it's just a fluke like mine. It seems the more allergens in the air the worse I get. Do you take an allergy medication? There are days, especially March-May, that I've had to take one in the am and one in the pm.

  • I have some for when it gets bad. I'll go ahead and take some. I'm so achey I took a pain pill. I think it might be just one of those days like you said. Or at least I'm hoping it is.

  • praying it's just one of those days. Take an allergy pill a day for the next week and see how you are. I have to take a daily one; especially in FL

  • I also hope it's just one of those days, Jj. I get weird things that come and go, no rhyme or reason.. just happy when they go away. I hope something works to make it go away for you.

  • Hope you feel better JJ...prayers always

  • I hope you're feeling better also...

  • After a 3 hour nap I'm feeeling much better and my mouth has stopped hurting. I'm so happy for that. Its scary to think it could be a flare and might not go away. The thought always lingers in the back of my mind. Things are going pretty good and I don't want to over do it and end up back tracking on the progress I've made. Thanks for all the prayers and good vibes.

  • Good to hear that Jj. A good rest/nap is something that always seems to help me. I hope you stay well.