It's unfortunate that now, today, his friend and admin of DART, has chosen to post a very unkind and untrue post about what transpired on our group. We have over 20 witnesses to what transpired. There was absolutely NOTHING sketchy about it. What this person has said is pure lies.

On DDSG we do important work. Anyone is free to leave if they don't like our focus and what we do. We have raised over $40,000 for research for the cure. People who want to badmouth what we have done, need to get their facts straight.

I am now going to tag our forum expert physicians so that they can know what these other groups are up to: Guy Jones, Gary Pess, Gopal Bajaj, Lawrence Hochman DO Facro, Richard Shaffer, Keith Denkler, Anna Schurer.

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  • Once again, our forum is being attacked on another forum for having participated in this research project. The facts are being twisted to suggest that we did something improper.

  • And they are trying to blacken all those fighting to find a cure for us.

  • This whole thing is just very strange indeed

  • Some people walk around with blinkers (Dutch saying literally translated). They don't want to see what does not suit their way of thinking.

  • Marcie Brandt Berenson

  • Admin of the other group just took my thread down. Shame as my original post was informative for patients, deleting the nasty remarks and turning off commenting would have been the better option.

  • Who cares if "big Pharma" wants to donate to research for the cure? I think they should donate!

  • I don't care if pharmaceutical companies contribute. If you don't like the power of Big Pharma, get off the Dupuytren Disease support forums, and go after BIg Pharma!

  • Big Pharma! There, I said it again!

  • It would be great if big pharma would invest in a cure for DD we need research and that cost big bucks.

  • I couldn't agree more. They've got those big bucks to spend on those 2-minute ads on TV, telling us about how great their drug is, and all the ways it will kill us.

    Big Pharma could make great use of some of those big bucks for OUR cause and cure!!!

    How about it, Xarelto????

    How about it, Trulicity????

    How about it, Brilinta????

    How about it, Eliquis????

    Yo, Viagra!!! We have something else that needs straightening!!! (sorry, got carried away there).

  • Sounds like we need to bring in an expert. Interesting read: