Needing to vent

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  • I haven't experienced it and I hope I never do, but I'd probably be escorted away.

  • I would be requesting that office staff to put her comment in writing, and if she refused who would like to quote her when you write a letter of request for a written refusal. What make it better is stay calm the whole time you say it. Even though you are a fire of rage on the inside.

  • Oh yes. And unfortunately it's the principal that does it to us. She has bawked at door to door services for my daughter at pick up and drop off. We have been fighting it for a year. Even though it's in her 504. She now tells me it's only when my daughter is flaring. I kindly reminded her to take a peak at her 504, and I would be happy to set a review date but until then we would be following what is laid out on paper, per federal guidelines she must follow. Well today, my husband had to park half a block away and walk to get her. Not a happy mom.. So... Looks like a visit is in store tomorrow. And it's only the 3rd day of school. Smdh. The ignorance of some just amazes me.

  • I have a meeting this week with similar issues. I'm on pins and needles. My stress level is beyond overload. All it takes is one ignorant b****. I apologize for my language but I feel your pain.

  • We had that one ignorant ___ that kept on with her "well she can't live in a bubble" woman at our first 504 meeting. Three years later with doctor support we slammed that issue down with quickness

  • I hate when people say " it is only arthritis". Makes me so angry. I have remained calm most times but other times I have lost it. Does plain arthritis attack the lungs? No, give extremely high fevers? No. People can be so ignorant

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, the "bubble" comments make me angrier than anything.

  • yes definitely have heard that. Got this from lots of teachers last year as my daughter entered middle school and the teachers seem much less accommodating. Dealt with the extra books thing too and them telling me there just wasn't enough books for this. It did get worked out. My daughter ended up missing 6 months last year due to some major flares, sicknesses, and infusion adjustments and had to be put on homebound status so this year the teachers "get it" a little more and said they plan to be better at working with my daughter with whatever she needs so she can stay in school hopefully.

  • This irritates me so bad but then I try to remember I had no clue what this disease all entailed until my son was diagnosed. So I try to give a little grace while explaining just had bad and painful this disease is

  • I would be furious! I'm so glad my son's school is so supportive. I live in Canada and I'm glad the principal has offered someone to come to our home for home school a few hours a day if he gets too sick or even just days he is fatigue. I'm sorry someone says that to you. I'd flip out.

  • I tend to throw down...."I understand your ignorance of this disease allow me to educate you, provide the website address. Remember that a 504 accommodation is a Federal granted means of compliance. Keep in mind that a medical professional has diagnosed, followed and any further prevention of her/his accommodations will make you personally liable under litigation."

  • Woops, insert after and followed : and recommended