Need some advice my 11yr old has a fever of 102 at the highest and the normal...

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  • She probably should be seen by someone, I've canceled rhuemy in those cases gone to primary, but that's what I'm usually told to do anyhow.

  • I would follow the same rules for school fever free for 24 hours before going out into public, especially to a rheumatology office where the other folks are very susceptible to catching it. Which I know is so annoying because it takes so long to get into the appointments

  • And only because you said she has a cold and flu symptoms and therefore a contagious virus or infection, meant to add that part

  • Thanks Ladies. I do hate cancelling but I think that is the best. Do you think she will be able to have her infusion on Wednesday? Do you have to be fever free for so long before an infusion?

  • Jana's rule has been no fever at the time of the infusion, we have the left overs of colds a few times without a problem

  • Dr. B always made Courtney be fever free for 48 hours before infusion

  • If you choose to cancel your rheumy appt, please get her in to see her primary (or worst case, go to urgent care) and make sure she gets a flu swab. If positive, she should be put on tamiflu (have to start within 48 hours of symptoms).

  • I think you are right. It has been bad in our area. I have scheduled today. Thanks for your help