need ask for maybe some answer the miles ashcraft i have terrible pain under...

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  • call yourCNSV doctor right away about shortness of breathe and your pain. do you have ay dixiness or lightheadedness?

  • no dizzy or lightheadedness

  • i get to university hospital

  • good thing for family and freinds

  • i hope everything turns out ok

  • it will just another bump in the road lol ty

  • Could it be pancreatitis? Are you on Imuran? Did they do an Amylase and Lipase blood test? If not ask for one! Pancreatitis can be very painful.

  • Insist on a chest cta or spiral ct, unless you have kidney failure, then you can't have the contrast. you have vasculitis so you are at risk of a blood clot or other serious things. ask them if they checked your lipase/pancrease as that's not part of the standard blood work up.

  • This is Miles wife Connie Connor Ashcraft he went to the er today, and did another ct but on his lungs they found enlarged lymp nodes on his lung. Thanks for the help everyone. We now have to go to U of M next week, prolly his disease messing around again [cnsv].

  • I am so sorry. I am glad they did the chest ct scan and figured it out quickly.