My war wounds from yesterday. Rheumatologist referred me to dermatologist

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  • Xxxxxxx YzzzzzzPerry, several years ago I had a random rash, discoloration, itch on my breast. I told my PCP about the rash and he sent me immediately to a breast specialist thinking I had inflammatory breast cancer. Turns out it literally was nothing but a "sjogren's" rash, no fungus, bacteria or anything. They did a nipple dissection and cut a pie shape out of my nipple..all for nothing. Now the discoloration is back and I'm afraid to see the doctor and afraid not to...I pray for you it is also nothing.

  • Thanks! Hopefully it's nothing! It doesn't itch or bother me at all. I also have a few spots that have come into my face. Have you started plaquenil again? She thinks it may be hyperpigmentation from the meds I'm taking.

    Your discoloration could be the same thing as before but is worth a mention to your doc.

  • Xxxxxxx YzzzzzzPerry I do have the hyper pigmentation on my face and neck but the breast is different. I am on no sjogrens/lupus meds now so I think its just a random rash.

  • Ouch! Prayers for quick healing

  • Thank you! Hope you feel better soon!

  • I have stitches right at my bra line from a biopsy on monday! Hope you get some answers and it's not serious

  • Thanks! Well wishes to you!❤️

  • Owwwie hope it's nothing serious !!

  • Ohhh my, I hope it heals quickly, and turns out to be nothing.

  • Ouch. Prayers for you

  • Hugs and hope all is ok.

  • Blessings too you ..