My story abridged Started with trigger finger in July 2016 I had one...

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  • Would you please also tell us how old you are, where you live and if you have any family history? Have you had any pain in your feet or have you had them examined?

  • What's CHS and what does a hand therapist do to reduce swelling? I believe DD can be in palms and fingers, but others know better.

  • Can you share pictures?

  • I have it in the palm and into the fingers. It's lumpy up to the pip joint. I can only feel a cord in the index finger. Mine has been stable since finishing RT in June of 2016.

  • Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Certified Hand Surgeon.

  • Here are my pictures, I know I'm in the very early stage. I am 60 years old and live in Dallas, Tx. My parents both died at an early age, I have one sister, 63, she has arthritis in her thumb and has had plantar fasciitis surgery. My hand was still swollen from trigger finger surgery which is why I sought a second opinion. She used ultrasound and various massage techniques and I wore a compression glove. The swelling went down and the nodules have softened. I also have scar tissue on the ring finger of my right hand from the trigger finger. I have not had my feet examined.

  • Lots of us in Dallas. Lots of good sources here Thank G-d. must be something in the water!