My stomach has been very bloated lately Even off gluten It gets swollen and...

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  • Enjoy, yes I too have had those weeks where it just never ends. I see most of my specialist in 3 month cycles and some just never ends. Hope all goes well next week.

  • Thanks Jackie. Just when I was having a good spell LOL oh well.

  • Aliza it sounds like a busy week! Lips may be tingly due to low calcium. You said you had calcium in thyroid nodes; is your calcium level elevated??

    Post -lip biopsy permanently numb on lips, but when calcium is low my Endo said vary

    Strong indicator calcium

    Is low. Eat a couple Viactivs for a few

    Days and it helps

    Hugs and prayers! Keep is posted!

  • Yes my thyroid nodules are calcium but because of all the kidney stones and issues I can't take any calcium supplements. I have the low potassium and when it gets low I get weird tingling/numb feelings usually the two outer fingers on my left hand and toes. I too have a permanent numbness on my lip from the biopsy in 2004 but it really doesn't bother me at all.

  • Judy and Jackie calcium levels were fine. I drink a lot of almond milk which has quite a bit of calcium in it. My biopsy was years ago and was inside not where I'm numb. Wondering if it could be Raynauds. I have a lot of neuropathy in my hands and feet, UCTD with sclera symptoms for many years. The neuropathy is getting worse ,the lip thing is new hence the hero visit.

  • Ok sounds like you have a sound plan of attack. Good luck!

  • :-)) Ha HA I am genetically programmed to be organized it's in me DNA on both sides. That's code for control freak. Though being sick has helped me calm down a whole lot LOL