My son is on Ilaris and it ships to our house He s doing great and that s...

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  • When is the last time he had any symptoms?

  • He went on Ilaris shots in July and since then he's been symptom free.

  • I would try to get more information on shipping and try to get it as soon as possible...I say that since he hasn't been on the shot very long.

  • I'd talk to the doc and see if a delay is problematic. They amy say a run into the hospital and getting the drug there is necessary, or they may say the delay is not a problem within so many days- I would definitely ask the dr so you know which way to go.

  • We had delivery issues for the first 6 months but now we have it delivered to the doctors office and haven't had a problem since and she has been on it or 2 years now.