My son has A. S. and is mentally handicapped. He was diagnosed with A. S

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  • I have been on methotrexate for over 20 yrs and my red count is high. in fact they want to start taking blood every 2 wks to keep it normal.

  • My son takes a low dose in pill form. 30 m once a week.

  • I take 3- 2.5mg wkly. I found taking just one a day for 3 days works better for me. when I was taking all 3 the same day it caused stomach promblems.

  • I have had to have blood transfusions and I was taken off of methotrexate and put on prescription iron and folic acid. Seems to have helped haven't had any issues since.

  • I'm on Humira and have had GI bleeds but my case is some what different. I have a disease also called Gardners syndrome in short it causes polyps throughout the digestive tract. Anyways NSAIDS were causing mine between ulcers and some other things. I can't take any sort of NSAID.

  • Have him checked for LGL leukemia

  • I think I read somewhere that AS Patients can have very low red blood cell counts from the AS. My daughter has not been diagnosed yet, but having symptoms, and she has a very low red blood cell count. She is not on this medication.

  • Sending my prayers...

  • Stop his biologics and metho. Please! They nearly killed me. My whole central nervous Se system shutdown and severe body ticks. I still twitch to this day. Yup lowers red blood cells. Metho is basically chemo. Please stop and see what happens. Good luck!

  • I hope things settle down fat for him.

  • I have had to watch my diet for anemia since I was a teenager. I need to get more iron in my diet, perhaps, but it seems to be a common issue in my life to have some level of anemia following me around. Has anyone looked into food sensitivities or food allergens, even drug allergens? Me: many!

  • I'm not on biological because my immune system seems to respond well to other treatment for now, outside of steroids.