My rhemy is starting me on the medication Fosamax 70 mg tablet The generic...

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  • Karen, my doctor suggested trying Boniva since I didn't handle the Fosamax and I'm supposed to give an answer tomorrow. I plan to say no and try diet and exercise.

  • I also take Fosomax. In the last year I broke tailbone, wrist and 3 ribs. I read an article recently and if I find it ill send it to you. But it talks about Fosomax actually causing bones to break, especially femurs .

  • Hi Diana, it sounds like the same artile that Karen posted above. Check it out and if you have something different I would like to read it. This site is so wonderful giving the truth on meds. I know all our bodies are different but when I weigh things out the answer is this is not a med for me right now. Thank you all.

  • I have been on Actonel (oral), then Reclast (infusion). I had a rough 18 months with 8+ fractures, including my FEMUR. I then was on Forteo (injection) for 18 months. Forteo is a bone BUILDING drug. Actonel/Reclast/Fosomax are bone DENSITY drugs. There is lots of talk of taking a break from the bone density drugs after 5 years. Most of the studies are in post-menopausal women, and not those of us who have our bone density effected by other drugs... My most recent Dexa didn't even show osteopina.

  • Wow, that's a lot of fractures! I hope you have healed up from them. I need to get off my Actonel too, and will ask about Forteo. Thanks for your input and so glad to see all the info that people have posted.

  • I wrote earlier in this thread about using Forteo. Since Forteo and fosamax both start with an "f" some of you may have read them as the same drug. They are different types of drugs for the bones. Forteo is an injection done daily - very easy to use. Patient assistance is also available through Lily. It does not have the same stomach upset problems as fosamax and it is only taken for 2 yrs. Fosamax is a pill taken for an extended amount of time. Reclast may cause jaw necrosis (death of jaw bone) or jaw disfiguration and pain, especially if you have need of major dental work. I am saying this because there are alternatives to fosamax and reclast.

  • I have been on it for a couple of years and am on at least 20 mg of pred most of the time. It has helped protect and improve my bone density. I used to have osteopenia but last scan showed no more ! I have not had any problems with it .

  • (WG) My experience: Started on Actonel in 2007 after developing osteopenia from prednisone. Osteopenia continued to progress to osteoporosis. I stayed on Actonel with no improvement in bone density(in spite of walking every day) until 2011, when I began doing upper body strengthening. This was the first year ever that my bone density actually increased significantly! The regular upper body workout is much more beneficial for me than the bone density meds!

  • I'm on Boniva, once a month. I developed necrosis of the hip from 5mg predisone. My bone density test improved but I also was in aqua fit. Prior to the Boniva I was on actonel.