My mom finished her third month on Ninlaro Ixazomib with dex for relapsed...

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  • What percentage of plasma cells does she have in her bone marrow. If she had a diagnosis of myeloma as well it would open more doors to financial assistance. If she has more than 10% plasma cells they could possibly alter the diagnosis to get some help.

  • Scratch all that because I now see that she has MM. Contact the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If she meets their Eligibility criteria she would be eligible for up to $10,000 in copay assistance each year. Go to for more info. Also contact Their fund for MM is currently closed but could reopen as funds become available again. Ninlaro is on their list of drugs that they reimburse.

  • Thank you Paula Schmitt. They are going to try leukemia foundation this week and calling Takeda/manufacturer directly.

  • Have you tried looking directly at the manufacturer's website for any special program?

  • Donna -Thanks for the note. Ninlaro website directly only provides assistance if you have no insurance or commercial insurance, but not Medicare. We are going to try the maufacteror- Takeda this week to see if they offer anything.

  • Good news on the success of Ninlaro. Hope things continue well and that financial help will come her way too.

  • Look into PAN (patients assistant network). If that name is not correct, let me know. I am not at home now but can look it up by April. 1. They paid for some of mine two years ago.

  • Ok KJ Snyder do go to that web site. I have been approved for 10k worth of assistance. I'm going to Mayo which is out of my network and my deductible is 10k. I'm just getting started on try to figure out what they will assist with. I know all medicines related to MM. It is super easy to apply. Rather than apply over the web just call them and they will gladly help you.

  • Thank you. I will research that one too!

  • Just wanted to share a quick update. Another great month of results on ninlaro and just as amazing we were able to find a place that assisted my mother with a grant. We are beyond thankful.

  • Very good news Kim on both counts. I hope things continue well for your Mum.