My life story almost read today Mother of two almost died while trying to...

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  • Yes, you are right, Shannon, the struggles are real! You reminded me of my first Sjogrens situation. I was eating something that wouldn't go down my throat at a

    Carnival. I panicked

    not realizing what dryness could do. Hadn't learned to always carry water!

    My first and last time to step out of the house without water!

  • Glad you are OK now. Assure your daughter it wasn't her fault.

  • It's so hard to swallow most things. I hate getting choked!

  • I made a similar mistake picking up burgers and fries for my son and hubby, without buying drinks. Tried to eat a curly fry, and chocked all the way home. Almost pulled over to use someones hose. :( Very scary, to say the least. Hey, don't like curly fries anymore. lol

  • She didn't even know. I was heading up stairs and was 50/50 to both water sources....I ran up stairs to my bedside table with my water. I totally should have known better. Can't even eat a saltine without water. It was my husband in the bedroom I had to reassure...I freaked him out. We had a good laugh after but seriously, it's a real thing. Scary.

  • Seriously. I will not eat something that is offered if I don't have water. Who eats saltines and they turn to dust in your mouth with out water. Almost comical.

  • I'd be more worried about the bun. Fries...No, can't give up some fresh 5 guy fries. LOL

  • You have to be able to laugh at yourself, but the struggle is real. It's a very frustrating side effect. People so don't get it. My hubby and kids do, they know "the look" if I need water asap. I've had to pause on a meal at a restaurant just because I know another bite without food...Nope. Mexican and the basket of tortilla chips...Why don't they bring water at the same time! I don't eat those without fluids close by.

  • Oh, I know. Hard to eat out. Hard to snack.

  • No kidding on the mexican food. Ugh... My family is used to me choking all the time. My hubby and son always watch to make sure I am ok. Then we kinda laugh. But, I am always super careful when around others that just wouldn't get it. Only eating things that swallow easily.

  • Before I got my "formal" Sjogren's dx (although I probably went undiagnosed for decades), I'd started having periodic choking spells severe enough for the Heimlich maneuver - which I

    taught my Hubby do and I can do by myself if I'm alone.

    Eventually (after dx), I was referred to a GI dr and I had an EGD w/ dilatation of my esophagus (along with a colonoscopy). I've heard that some of us have to get dilated almost annually and although the procedure wasn't painful, I'm hoping to avoid a repeat.

    I do try to be very careful when I'm chewing/swallowing but sometimes I choke on the smallest things.