My friend is suffering Any ideas Well it started last Tuesday it...

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  • Hmm.. What about West Nile Virus from mosquitoes?

    Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment - West Nile Virus - Public ... p

  • I hope they can figure out what it is soon and he gets well.

  • Daniella, the reason that I thought of this is because my niece had it, was very ill for awhile and complained of light bothering her. Here is some more info on that...

    "West Nile virus infection typically begins with the abrupt onset of fever, chills, muscle aches, headache, and overall feeling of illness. Headache is particularly common and may be severe. The person may have sensitivity to light with pain behind the eyes.

    Most people fully recover. In others, particularly the elderly, the disease can progress to cause encephalitis or meningitis.

    In the 59 people hospitalized during the initial New York outbreak, signs and symptoms included fever (90%), muscle weakness (54%), headache (46%), altered mental status (44%), rash (22%), stiff neck (19%), joint aches (17%), sensitivity to light (15%), and body aches (14%)."

  • Well Denise, I would say that is eerily similar to what joe is experiencing.... Thanks for this thought. I already told him....

  • No problem, it's just a thought, like you said. Good luck to him.

  • I think your thought could be what's going on though... I'll let ya know!

  • The test for it might not show up anything right away, I think my niece found out later after she recovered. If you need to know more, I can ask her for you, just say the word.