My DC LD knuckle pad story

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  • A big ring!!

  • Jayna, I tagged you in a conversation about Garrods/knuckle pads.

  • Mary, you do have a bit of a boutonnière, don't you? Have you thought about NA, or it not bothersome enough for you even want to think about? It continues to amaze me how very different our stories can be. I developed my first knuckle pad, omgosh, maybe 20 yrs ago. Had no idea what it even was; asked a doc one time but they had no idea. Other knuckle pads developed over the couple of years. (LD ~15 yrs; DD this year)

  • Cindy, my hands were pretty much stable for 11 years. This past year, over the course of WEEKS, that pinky went from straight, to contracted (where it is today). It has been stable now for almost a year. If my hands ever restrict me or get too painful, I will take action. Just not interested in waking a sleeping giant with procedures. So, I embrace the bout!

  • Mary thank you for sharing. Mary is amazing she walks 4 or 6 miles nearly everyday. Mary have you ever taken a few days off from walking and if so have you noticed any difference to your LD when you stop?

  • Denise, my daughter is my nod inspector. She reports that they look smaller as time goes by. The only difference that I notice when I don't walk for a few days, my feet are a little stiff.

  • My chart for the month. You can see, I'm out there almost every day. And, I am grateful for every step!

  • Wow Mary, your rock with the walking!! Funny that your feet feel stiff when you don't walk--good motivation to walk, eh!

  • It works for me Cindy!

  • It is fantastic Mary.