My daughter is taking 1 75 oz of aloe and approximately 500 mg l arginine and...

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  • She is a beta blocker and a calcium channel blocker as well, but her pots pretty much went away after the ivabradine was added.

  • She said she is not a war of any side effects she has experienced on the ivabradine. She takes 2.5 MG 2 x per day.

  • Himalayan sea salt capsules

  • Jack you do know that magnesium is natures calcium channel blocker & beta blocker ...

  • Please do not increase the low dose l-arginine. You could increase the fractionally distilled aloe or switch to the Maitake. Some people take both the Aloe and Host Defense Maitake. Hugs

  • For those who have used George's aloe, how well have you tolerated it?

  • My POTs has greatly improved with protocol and under dr driscolls care with diamox and ketotifen and a few other meds and supplements. Mast cells are definitely significant when it comes to POTs, have u added in culturelle and tried a mast cell stabilizer like Zantac and Zyrtec or ketotifen?

  • Very well here but, I have to add, I am, unlike many here, an "under responder." My gut, which was a mess and remains sensitive, isn't set off by specific things usually, other than gluten. It just seems generally offended that I expect it to process food at all. Much better with the protocol, though.

  • My daughter was given licorice root extract by her ped and she has POTS, MCAS and EDS among other autoimmunes. Her POTS improved a lot with the licorice extract; I didn't realize how much until we ran out and as I was trying to reduce the number of things she takes (meds & supplements) and sure enough within two weeks her symptoms returned. Then she became better again once we started back up the licorice root extract. She has mold disease which was kicking everything into high gear and had completely worn down her adrenals. We are waiting for stabilization until we try the protocol but she was given the green light to start the probiotic; she has been craving fermented foods so one of her docs said that's a sign her body needs the probiotic?

  • So I did a quick search on licorice. This showed up on WebMD. Did your ped say anything about long term use? This makes me nervous to try it.

  • Thank you Jack Clifford for the reply.

  • Char Moneymaker Great question but this is extract of the root, very different than consuming actual licorice. I was nervous too but all of her doctors (3 and one nutritionist; they aren't coworkers either and many times suggest opposing treatments so I am always having to figure out gut wise what will work best) approved and one even was suspicious that it would help at all because she hadn't found it helpful for many of her patients. And to be frank, we are in a place where my 13 year old has been so sick that we MUST stabilize her and we have had to do that horrible cost benefit analysis for many drugs and she is on stuff which I would never want her to be on, but again she was crazy ill and couldn't even get out of bed except for the bathroom, nor eat, and having asthma constantly. Now she is back at a new school, able to swim and has even gotten to be a much better swimmer, so we are praying and crossing fingers that her body is fighting off the mold disease while it is being supported by these meds and supplements. Hopefully your doctor can help you decide on if this supplement or another supplement or drug may help, or if you have an ND even better. I know how debilitating POTS can be, it is scary to watch your daughter so sick! Thinking of you!

  • So this isn't the best solution but it's what I can afford right now. Do you think this would be helpful?

  • I hate that it has artificial dye and so much sugar but are the other things what I'm looking for?

  • Which physicians were you able to use who would make these decisions?

  • Not sure of your question? But for kids' team but there are are 2 MD's (integrative internist and pediatrician), 1 ND, and 1 functional medicine nutritionist. All have genetic training as well. A suggestion by any of them and I then always run suggestion/script through all of them before acting.

  • So happy to read raf she is doing better:)

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz So kind, thx Sherrry!!! :)