My big ol kitty is dying If he doesn t go tonight I will have to take him to...

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  • hugs Cathy. I know how hard it is. <3

  • im so sorry i hate that my pups have seizures from time to time and it streeses me so much

  • I'm so someone else said, your kitty has been very blessed to have such a wonderful, loving mommy..hold onto the beautiful moments you had together<3 sending my love and prayers for healing I know how special pets are they become like family.

  • SO sorry loosing a pet is not easy they are like are children my prayers are with you. <3

  • thinking of you Cathy <3

  • Dang, ya' much outpouring of love and support - you guys are totally the best, I can't tell you enough!!! Last night was so difficult, I must admit. Poor guy started vomiting blood, and I knew there was nothing that could be done. He died about two a.m, and my ex and I bundled him into his favorite blankie...ex helped me bury him this morning in the garden, and it's a sad little house tonight. The other two guys are sticking really close, Merlin was like the big daddy cat, protector of the home.

    And so it goes....

    Makes ya realize just how ephemeral life can be, however, and it made me think about how close I should hold those who are near and dear to me. There's no point in holding petty grudges, or holding anger - cos with the snap of a finger, life can be gone...

    Sorry about the long post, it's just been a stressful like, five days - and now I can feel the lupus wolf digging at my joints and muscles like a ravening dog. Gonna take me a big ol' xanax and my last pain pill of the day and pray for a bit of rest. Maybe my other two fur-babies will come snuggle. Got the house back to myself, thankfully, and am hoping that will help, too.

    Can't help but say it again - I love you guys, and am sending healing energies through space and time to you all. Everyone is having such a hard time right now, some so much it's just horrendous - and here I am crying about a cat! Please forgive me, ya'll who are suffering so tonight. I am truly counting my blessings and I am beseeching the Universe to make your burdens lighter. <3<3<3 & {{hugs} to all you special ladies!

  • Our pets are just as much family as our blood...and give us unconditional love when our human counterparts sometimes don't...sorry for your loss but happy he was with you and knew your love right up to the very end...tears, hugs and love for you.

  • So sorry Cathy. Praying for peace and comfort for both of you.

  • So sorry Cathy. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Oh Cathy :( I'm SUCH a cat person - I'm so sorry for your loss.