MY BFF Alice is coming up today She s the one with stage 4 liver cancer just...

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  • Prayers just sent. Have a wonderful day with your friend.

  • What a blessing that you both are feeling well enough (at the same time) for a visit! Enjoy every single second of your time together. It is truly precious.

  • It is precious, I'm cleaning the house really good so no germs here!!! Off now to finish! Love to All & thanks for your support. It means alot to me right now because when we do spend time together it's precious to me.

  • Prayers just sent, God bless both of you, have a wonderful day!

  • Sending loving energy to you both to encompass you with healing & love.

  • No need to ask, you got it

  • Good luck and God bless to both of you

  • Enjoy your time together & prayers for both of you!

  • I will remember her...have a great time with her. Is she going to get acryllics or gels? They may need to look at her nails during her procedure. Just polish should be fine though.

  • How was the day with Alice??? Hope you gals did it UP!!!