My 20 yr old daughter is very sick She has always had constipation then...

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  • UPDATE: My husband took her to the ER last night as she was having pain fluctuating on scale between 8-10. ER dr suspects ovary torsion and said mandatory visit to gyn today. Got her an appointment and was seen. She is having lower left pain.

    He did a pelvic exam and reached a point which had her crying.

    He thinks it is a bladder problem as he was pressing on the bladder then.

    They're doing an ultrasound just to check and she will have a bladder test on Tuesday.

  • Hope it's an easily fixable issue..hugs to you all

  • When my granddaughter had torsion she also had bladder pain. The cyst was large, pushed on the bladder. I sure hope they help her soon, I remember the pain my granddaughter was in, it was awful.

  • When that happened to me it turned out that my polycystic ovary + fibroid gave me perpetual morning sickness. My response was to get a hysterectomy.

  • Glad your better!

  • Here it is over a month later - no answers, though I can tell you what it isn't. Gynecologist said there is no evidence of her having poly cystic ovarian syndrome.

    Can the cysts just disappear?

    She is scheduled for a CT soon. Trying to get in with rheumatologist but he only sees new patients in the morning. She works at an elementary school and does bus duty in the morning so having that time off is difficult. Plus, she used up her sick days during the week she was sick in September.

    She has lost 30 pounds since August.

  • Wow- is she trying to lose weight?

  • Not actively trying but she had enough weight that losing some isn't catastrophic. I am concerned with the way it was lost. She will go days with barely eating and when she isn't nauseated or vomiting she is having diarrhea.

    Thinking about it-it started in July. She began a new medication in the last part of June so there's a chance it is related to the new medication. I don't know for sure. Seems to me that would be worth investigating.

  • Has she been checked for intestinal parasites such as giardia?

  • She needs a endocronologist-gynocologist. My doctor recommended Dr. Brown in Jacksonville. He mostly does fertility treatments but also deals with Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome. Has she gained weight while not being able to keep food down? Does she have periods that are regular? Has she had a MRI with contrast? Those are all things we were asked and the MRI with contrast showed the issue. If she has a large cyst, it can put lots of pressure on the bladder. I swear, her situation sounds so much like my granddaughters! We had a hard time getting a diagnosis, luckily our Primary had the same issues and recognized it in her. She sent us to her doctor. IT can cause fertility issues too and if they don't have regular periods, increases the chance of endometrial cancer. The doctor who did her surgery on the cyst did not diagnose her. He knew nothing about it.

  • Sending good thoughts. Let us know. Ovarian torsions are extremely painful!

  • This just happened to me! They think it was infectious colitis. Antibiotics cleared it up in 2 weeks. It was a horrible two weeks. I did not eat. Hope she feels better soon!

  • My daughter has one ovarian cyst after another.

  • I would say something is triggering her mast cells.