Muy daughter who is now 8 was diagnosed last summer with Lymes and treated...

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  • My understanding once you have chronic Lyme is that it doesn't go away. You can go into remission, but it doesn't go away.

  • If treatment was immediately after bite there is a good chance shes ok

  • Treatment started 4 weeks after tick bite

  • Id find a lyme doctor ,,,good luck i really hope she gets well fast ,,

  • Thank you! She is fine actually....just a slight sore neck and this positive IgM.....I'm calling the Lyme specialist tomorrow for his input....

  • I am elevated in more than one and my Dr tells me it is the antibodies left behind as I was in full blown Lyme that had done much damage before I was diagnosed. He always stresses when we travel that it will appear to another Dr that I have active Lyme and I do not - only have leftover antibodies - it's confusing.

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  • Interesting. That is my exact concern here....does she need retreatment with elevated antibodies.

  • The antibiotics tear your stomach up bad. Didn't help me.loke change of diet did.

  • Four weeks after bite , isn't fast enough treatment, definitely llmd

  • Ugh, four weeks is actually a really delayed treatment

  • Hi Brandi, once when I was a kid I woke up out of the blue with a searing stiff neck. The pain was so bad that I couldn't move. I didn't find out till I was in my late 20s that I had Lyme disease, but I now believe that neck incident was one of many telltales I had during childhood and my teens that something was not right with my body.

    Acute Lyme disease can be cured if it is discovered and treated quickly (within a few days of the infection) and effectively (with appropriate antibiotics for an appropriate length of time). Unfortunately, the window of time for this to happen is quite small and many generally accepted antibiotics do not work for Lyme.

    If the first course of antibiotics doesn't kick it, the disease can move to the chronic stage. Sometimes antibiotics can suppress the bacteria so that symptoms disappear, but the infection stays in the body and pops up again later when it doesn't feel threatened by medication. At this point, systemic medication can actually complicate the issue because it can drive the bacteria deeper into the body's sequestered areas (cartilage, bones, even the brain) or into cyst form, where it is much harder to reach and kill.

    I would agree with the majority of these comments that it would be good to work with a Lyme-literate medical doctor in choosing a course of treatment. I do not agree with the comment that chronic Lyme cannot be cured but only forced into remission. This Facebook group is dedicated to people who are using rife machines to treat for chronic Lyme disease. In theory, it should be possible to get completely better using this method. I have been using a rife machine for the last several years and have gotten significantly better, and I am hopeful that as I continue treatments, I will continue to do so. I recommend this treatment as a person with chronic Lyme disease for whom it has worked (I am not a doctor or medical professional). Lyme disease is very tricky to treat, and there is a lot of misinformation about it on the web and elsewhere, but there are many simple and even very inexpensive things you can do to fight it. Some of the best and most balanced information I've found has been in Bryan Rosner's books. I wish you all the best, wisdom, and light as you work your way through this battle!

  • Igm is indicative of chronic lyme not just acute lyme. But I wouldn't rely on testing as it always changes based on the immune system and the activity of Lyme in the body at the time of testing. I would focus on treating coinfections like babesia.... as a stiff neck is a symptom. If Doc was your Doc, go back to him.

  • What makes me mad is I knew immediately, but the only thing that convinced the doctors was her EKG showing AV block....4 weeks later if course

  • Oh thank you for your reply. This is very good information. What exactly is rife treatment?

  • I get so many conflicting info from different medical professionals....some say IgG and IgM remain years after infection...a one say IgM means current infection...ugh....frustrating disease.

  • Antibiotics aren't the cure-all.

  • You should start with going to a LLMD.

  • I did....when she was first diagnosed

  • Hi Brandi, I'm sorry, I thought I was posting this in another Lyme group, Lyme Disease Rifers! Rife technology basically uses an electromagnetic field generated by a machine to kill bacteria. A lot of people with Lyme have found this useful because it doesn't utilize the body's own systems (such as the bloodstream), and is therefore able to reach into sequestered areas. I would really suggest looking into it, but be careful--there are snake oil rife machines out there, so you need to know what you're doing if you decide to get one. As I said, Bryan Rosner's books are very helpful and balanced, and they're a good place to start. Good luck!