Mr 6 had a checkup yesterday not related to his arthritis His primary asked if...

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  • I'm always happy when they send in a student when I have one of my girls in a doctor's office! First of all, the more educated they are now, the better our kids' futures will be. Second of all, it is sort of humorous ... my girls are both fairly complicated, and often the students' eyes are as big as saucers by the time they leave the room! ;)

  • Sure is surprising to see their surprise :) ....the amount of qualified Drs who don't even know what uveitis is, and me explaining what happens in son's case when it flares is kinda weird!! We have become specialists in our childs condition lol

  • I love when mine schools the adult dr! Since we've aged into adult world, we seem more knowledgeable than the dr. Dr had never heard of Enthesitis Related, chris looked and him and said, " i have ped onset of ankylosing spondylitis with a co morbid of JIA and Im autistic." I about died laughing. Almost wanted to tell the guy he should probably just google it.

  • It sounds like the student asked good questions and your son answered them well. We have always been welcoming of med students and interns.

  • Ahahaha! I'd love to have witnessed that exchange!

  • Chris was rather annoyed. When we left he said he should send them a bill.

  • Sounds like your son taught the med student a thing or two

  • My daughter has taught several doctors what it looks like if you do a cortisone injection wrong. Most of them hadn't ever seen what happens first hand.

  • So happy to hear this! I'm the Coordinator for our Medical Education Program here in Texas through Texas Parent to Parent and this is exactly why we do what we do! Our trained Family Faculty spends time training Residents and 3rd year med students about their children. We let the young healthcare professionals visit the home of a family that maybe has a medically fragile child to see what daily life is like . We do noon talks , and parent interviews (as we all know these young professionals always need to work on their communication skills)!!!

  • Excellent! Having grown up with and later worked with families with kids with CP, SB, profound autism, etc., I appreciate this.