Morning Is it I ve not been asleep so another week begins with no sleep on...

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  • I sleep better in the day. I look forward to 9 am every morning once I've took kids to hook and I crawl back to bed lol. Some days this is only the afternoon and I'm wanting my bed

  • Lucky! Once the sun is up I can't sleep. Never have been able to. I've worked more days with no sleep than I care to admit to. I envy people who can fall asleep as their heads hit the pillow.

    Now that I'm home, things just drag.

    I can't clean, cook, garden, drive, or do "meaningful things" to contribute to taking care of my family. I still have 1 in school- her adult brother takes & pics her up. I'm still trying to figure out this new body I woke up to after surgery last Nov

  • I haven't come back bed this morning. And it makes me have a flare up. Been Dr's and hospital in between school runs.

    My girls are 9&4 and I'm 18 weeks with another little girl.

    I admit it's a real struggle with the school run. Especially the morning.

    Even worse when it's cold and it's affecting all my joints with the OA. It is warming up a little now. Suns been shining lovely the last few days. But in the uk we never get that much sun lol.

    Oh I envy people who sleep as soon as they hit the pillow.

    Do you find when your in a bad flare you sleep better ?

    I do. If I'm in a really bad flare or doing a lot like painting since Wednesday. Didn't do none Sunday but have done this week again it makes me have a flare up. I feel so poorly I sleep and hardly ever wake in the night. Vicious circle of either no sleep to very little when not in a flare. Or feel like crap and hurt head to toe and sleep.

  • Wow that must be horrible Hun. Waking up after surgery with fibro ?

    Mine started when I were pregnant with my youngest 4, half year old. Hospital said it was severe spd but it was both. The osteoarthritis was wearing my back disks away. And I've gone from there. Aged 22 :(

  • I woke up paralyzed from the waist down after a spinal fusion. Was not the expected outcome. I've relearned how to walk or let's say walk like a 3yr old at the strings of a marionette doll.

    Fibro has been part of my life since 09.

    OA is everywhere in my body, but it hits my hands, elbows, shoulders, & spine the worse. I draw & paint too, but haven't touched my WIP since Monday. I have permanent nerve damage so that makes Fibro an interesting addition.

    My journey to this point started in 1991 when I was 20.

  • When I flare, I don't sleep. Day 4 of no sleep I crash for 4 hrs tops.

  • Oh wow. I'm so sorry :( you have achieved so much learning to walk again though. No matter how you walk it's still a great achievement.

    Just sorry to hear you had to go through all that.

    The OA is worse in my spine knees top of my spine and wrists too. I meant decorating painting lol sorry should have said. It's killed my shoulders and all my muscles though.

    Although i did used to draw. Have a WIP I haven't done work on in over a year. I tried a few months ago and just holding the pencil for 5 mins cramped my fingers up and then the OA swelled up in my hand and wrist. I have the Fabre castiel and Rhodes sort of pencils. Cost me a fortune with the paper and everything. I just can't do it.

    I crochet though. Haven't for a few days again as it does make my fingers and wrists swell too. But I'm making baby things :)

  • Oh really? A friend of mine says when she sleeps a lot she is usually in a flare. It's a sign for her. But I've always found when my body aches had. Like the flu. And the arthritis is all inflamed from the top of my neck down. I can't even hold my head up. I feel like I'm on fire and I sleep more. It's mad that.

    I have never asked anyone else how a flare affects their sleep.

    On a 'normal' day I hardly sleep 2-3 hours if I'm lucky.

    And then when I can I try and get some sleep on a morning because having little sleep also makes me Have a flare. Of both the fibro &OA.

  • I have rubber grips to slide over my paint brushes/ pencils & I added duct tape to to make them fatter so I can use them without hurting too much. Yes it kills my neck & shoulder muscles & now causes my side and legs to cramp. Side affect of partial paralysis. I love my Fabers, Derwents, & Luminance pencils. My Fabers arrived in my little town with a Royal Mail stamp. Oh main the stir that caused.

  • Speaking of kiddos, I have to go get ready for my youngest's orchestra concert. I've got 2 hrs and it'll take me almost all of it