Mias tonsils are huge and she has bad tonsil stones on them which is making...

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  • Sadly just getting them out is not always an option. My daughter had 24 hours of high fevers 102-103 but she has no other symptoms other than the ENT saying they are inflamed and she has chronic tonsillitis. He is afraid with lack of symptoms insurance will not pay

  • Ouch! I'd push for removal sooner

  • I would be worry about her obstructing her airway is she snoring a lot

  • Tonsil removal was probably one of the best things we did for my jia kiddo. She was sick constantly, snored, had horrible breath. Her airway was so closed up. It's been nearly a year and she hasn't been sick at all like she had been.

  • I wouldn't hesitate to remove those tonsils. My son, who does not have auto-immune issues, had huge tonsils 4/5 on good days, but they'd touch like that when he was sick. He snored from birth and would walk in his sleep. His tonsils came out in 4th grade and his bags under his eyes disappeared, his snoring stopped, and so did his sleep walking. He was a whole new kid.

  • Poor Mia!!!!! Big hugs and kisses!

  • I'm sorry. We have the same issue. My daughter has sleep apnea from her large tonsils and hearing loss from her large adenoids (ear tubes are blocked from draining ears). She is scheduled for surgery April 12th. We did a sleep study last Dec that showed sleep apnea. But we were watching her tonsils for 6 months prior to sleep study becuse.of tonsil stones. They have gotten bigger and so have adenoids. Sleep apnea is the reason why they decided to remove them.

  • Mias adenoids were removed at 1 years old at the same time they did her tubes. Same thing, she couldn't drain her fluid. The tonsils and the tonsil stones are so large and many of the tonsil stones right now. The dr scheduled the surgery for April 7th. We have an appt with him on thursday now and if he doesn't want to do the surgery they will cancel. it.

  • Hope they dont cancel it. Those tonsils are almost touching... I'm sure his airway is compromised.

  • My daughter was the same way. She also had frequent rounds of strep. The only route for us was to remove the tonsils. We had her adenoids removed as well.

  • My tonsils got that bad I wasn't even able to drink water it would come back out through my nose I was hospitalized for 6 days and they had to give me 3 different iv's for all different antibiotics. They also had to drain my tonsils with syringes and the biggest gage needles I've ever seen. The worse pain and experience in my life do not wish it on any one.

  • Yuk. My tonsil story is nasty too.

    You poor thing!!!!

  • It was bad and gross