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  • I am on both Metho and Plaq. I have only had the side effect of my hair falling out a bit . I am starting to see the benefits of not hurting so much all the time, but the fatigue is still bad :(

  • I was having hair loss with the Plaq. Might start the Metho next week. The Dr. said I will need to take a vit b and folic acid with this.

  • yep... I have been taking folic acid as well. Good luck with this med... it takes about 3 months before you will notice any difference

  • I take Methotrexate in injectible form. I was taking the equivalent to 19mg but in injection form. I swear by it; however, everytime i get really sick and have to take antibiotics I must stop the medication. I also take Humira injections every 14 days as well.