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  • I do feel better....but it is definitely been reactivated.

  • My doctor says since I was diagnosed too late...I may never be able to get rid of it. We figure I've been living with this under the wrong diagnosis for 15 years.

  • infrared sauna. Awesome treatment for overall ailments. Best therapy ever for me.

  • Probably over 40 years for me.

  • I was laying in a red bed.....maybe that was helping's probably not the same though...

  • I did quit about a month ago.....

  • I defiinitely did similar to picc, it was a port and it saved my life. That sounds so dramatic, but it is what made me turn the corner. A picc line does seem to get infections alot, but I didn't have one infection with the port. That was four years ago and I have been blessed and back to work...

  • I have late stage lyme and was misdiagnosed for many years as well. I've probably had it since I was a kid. I have been weaning off of Beyond Balance MC-BB1. I started a year ago and worked my way up to 28 drops twice per day. The herxing was intolerable, so I've been weaning off since January. Starting Cowden protocol once I am completely weaned off in two weeks. I have not gone the abx route because everyone that I talk to that has been on antibiotics in late stage, ends up getting symptoms again after being in remission for awhile.

    I also drink raw, non-psychoactive cannabis juice - it retards the Lyme infection and decreases inflammation and boosts the immune system. And I do gentle yoga and infrared sauna with low EMF. No gluten, dairy with the exception of raw, unpasteurized camel milk (great for Lyme), no processed sugar. I eat mostly raw vegan.

    Essential oils on the bottoms of my feet: DDR Prime, Frankincense, Melissa, Bergamot, Thyme, and helichrysum.

    I haven't beat it yet, but I'm hopeful that by being consistent with my treatment, I will get better, and I'm looking forward to starting Cowden.

    Hope you get better soon.

  • I was nearing the end of no return, but I turned my health around after suffering for 14 years! Antibiotics and this Lyme Protocol is all BS! It destroys our guts, which is our send brain!!

  • He is saying the same thing my doctor is

  • I can tell you my Dr wanted me on a pic line right now but Jesus heals.

  • AMen

  • That's great!! Have you been doing these things for a while? And exercising in any way?