Makes me that much stronger Makes me work a little bit harder

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  • Today I need to be reminded that I can kick Sjögren's @$$!!!

    Who's with me????

  • I'm with you! I am forgetting Sjögren's today..for me it's a day of pampering for a change, cut, color and highlights. Going to try and look good even if I feel bad..So it's the finger to Sjögren's and pain for a few hours!

  • WooHoo Jackie!! I love it!! Maybe you should pop in to Collette for a new outfit (and say hello to my baby girl!!!) :D

  • Hey now that might be an idea! I may be going that direction later today..

  • IF you do, and she's not there, then she's across the street in Boutique 816. It's the new sister store to Collette. Check it out ;)

    I actually get to see her next week....she's coming home for the funeral :(

  • I'm !!!!!!

  • Got pedicure and still the pain is kicking since yesterday but I will still fighting Sjogrens but !!!!