made it back in one peice few seizures on the plane but the trip was amazing...

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  • DR J in DC Gwyn Lyme Fowler ... big bucks ....

  • does he have a website?

  • he should have ... quite a legend

  • Yikes! yeah definitely won't be seeing him :( Ugh I wish everything wasn't based on green paper!

  • Can I post his website here?

  • hes amazing no i wont be taking mepron yet im doing detox seizure stabalization pain managment and stuff a few tests including an MRI and thyroid to make sure my body is all ready to go for next visit then we start his awesome iv program.its very expensive but my dr here re writes prescriptions i already have a picc and friends are holding a funraiser to make it all happen for me.I truely belive he treats the most aggressive and feel like a lucky ducky now LOL

  • I have his paperwork here and my reciepts..... My first visit was $750 ( thats not bad at all for a 3 hour appointment or even longer...) follow ups are $240 everything is cheaper if u aee one of his PA's.....

  • My PA visits r $210 and i am never there less than 1 to 2 hours..... One follow up visit was more than 3 ... Yhe place was closed with me still there lol i was having a hard day to say the least. ()

  • yes thats right so his prices are very fair really and you get what you pay for he is the best !