Leukocytoclastic vasculitis LCV also known as hypersensitivity vasculitis...

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  • My fiAnce was diagnosed with this over 6months ago..I took him into Yale new haven hospital (most amazing doctors) if anyone would like the name of our doc I would be happy to give you his name......he was in a coma when I brought him in and they then also found a tumor in his brain...in very rare cases cancer can cause vasculitus....so please get checked everywhere with this diagnosis and ask questions!!! I can't stress that enough..if he was not in a coma we would have never known about the tumor and never new about cancer causing vasculitis in rare cases...I also want everyone to know we have tried everything and the spots on his body were not going away ..I have been trying everything...well I finally found a mix of vitamins that a professor wrote about a trial he did with 600people...it is working..I also started him eating gluten free at the same time...and all his spots have gone away and have been for almost 4weeks...I want to pass this along..

  • Omega 3 Fish Body Oils

    1000 MG 100 Softgels

    Country Life

    Vitamin A 10000 IU

    Jarrow Formulas

    Ginkgo Biloba 50:1 60 MG


    Pro Clinical Hydroxycut


    Vitamin B6 100 MG


    Vitamin E 100 IU

    Source Naturals

    N-Acetyl Cysteine

    Source Naturals

    Vitamin D3 1000

    Superior Source

    Balance B Complex

    the Vitamin Shoppe

    Calcium Magnesium Complex

    the Vitamin Shoppe

    L-Arginine 500 MG

  • I gave the brand the name of the vitamins and the dosage of each capsule ...I want everyone to know I am using capsules not hard pills..I want to put in his body the least amount of extra non needed fillers as possible....I hope this helps anyone even just a little..I wanted to post this earlier but I also wanted tovmake sure if was working for him before offering info that may not work...good luck everyone and please I have been up every night andnday researching for him so I am glad to answer any questions anyone may have

  • If anyone tries this and it works can you please let me know! Very interested if it works with others!!!