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  • I go into a big flare with every surgery. But stopping the pain meds should make them more effective after surgery. What are you having done? My ortho is the one who finally got me figured out (I've seen him since I was 11) so he is super understanding of all my situation. Tell your ortho and anesthesiologist what you are worried about, your anesthesiologist can give you stuff during surgery that will help you. After I wake up from surgery is the only time my pain (minus what was just cut into) is actually less.

    Stopping the other meds helps reduce the possibility of infection and helps speed up the healing process so I've always been ok with pausing my meds for them.

  • This is my first real surgery outside the two dental ones, so I'm not sure what to expect post-op. It's a bursectomy, repair of torn tendon and possible needling of another. The last one is up in the air because he's unsure about too much trauma to the hip and recovery. I'm pretty sure they are doing a nerve block on me before the anesthesia. They also had a toradol and decadron (?) iv ordered and an anti nausea patch.

    I'll talk to them both, but I am very worried about flaring. I'll basically have a dead leg and crutches for two weeks. I will need help showering and things, so the idea of ulcers in special areas sounds like a damn nightmare. Especially for my SO who really doesn't want to deal with something like that. Almost every other flare symptom would be acceptable but THAT.

    But I guess when they do the right hip later on, I'll count this as my trial run.

  • The crutches are the part I find the hardest. Make all your darn joints hurt so bad. Nerve blocks are nice. Just be prepared to not be able to lift your leg without using your hands for about 2 days. :) I had a torn labrum fixed a few years ago, it made the hip feel so much better. I'm having an mri next week for it again, when I had the Guillain-Barre I think it retore when I was totally numb. My rheumy has put me on temp lesser medicines prior to surgeries so that I don't go down as hard. But it is a big stress to your system, no matter what, so just plan for not feeling good.

    Do you have the ability to get a shower chair/bench or a handle for the shower? You won't need help showering if you have a bar to hold onto or something for balance. At least that was my experience. I put a walker straddled over the tub, and would sort of swing myself in. And then when I healed up some I'd sit down on the chair and lift my legs up over the tub. I'm single so have to be creative about working around the whole caring for myself bits :)

  • Krystina, I am really appreciative of all the insight I've been given so far. Our house is two stories and we live in the apartment part, which has a fridge, stove, microwave and full bathroom. We have an IKEA stool with holes in it that we will use in lieu of the shower chair, and the shower head is detachable, so once able, I can fend for myself. The full kitchen is, of course, downstairs, so if my boyfriend cooks, he'll have to bring it upstairs. We are very spoiled, in that the apartment is easy access to the deck with a hot tub. Once I hit my 2 week mark I'll be asking about exercises I can do in there. Too bad it's winter and the pool will be closed. Good news is my pup loves to bite at the bubbles of the hot tub so I'll have lots of entertainment. lol.

    Did you have the GB prior to the surgery, or was it after?

  • I flair horribly after surgery and get really bad pathergy from the incision sites. However if you need the surgery just talk to your doctors and make sure they are communicating with each other.

  • Oh gosh, post op flares seem to be a trend. It's making me more nervous. Unfortunately these surgeries are not optional anymore. It's permanent damage done on both hips, partially to (assumed) BD. I've sent emails to my rheumatologist and internist (I trust her above anyone) regarding the medications and flares. Everyone is within the same hospital, so communication is just an email away. Hoping that they all get on board. I wish I could see them prior, but I'll be in Florida until literally the weekend before surgery.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz it will work out it sounds like you have a great team. They can get you back on track quickly.

  • Thank you doll!

  • Keep me posted on how your doing.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz do!

  • Wishing for all good things for you.

  • Hot tub will be awesome for sore days :) Email me if you ever want to chat or whine :) I've had 13 joint surgeries so can be a sympathetic and understanding ear. Oh, get yourself a small bag that you can put stuff in and carry with the crutches. Lifesaver :)

  • I had the GBS a year ago almost to the day, all my surgeries have been prior to that. I'm just having the mri now cause it looks like I retore the labrum and was just too numb to know it. :)

  • You're so sweet to offer your expertise and ear. ❤

    For the bag, perhaps a fanny pack. Just ridiculous enough, and maybe I'll decorate it in bed. I hope your MRI goes well.

  • I've been off meds for years now... but with us... everyone is different... so be carful. And just wondering I also had hip surgery about 6 years ago.. what's wrong?

  • Tear in the gluteus medius, bursectomy and bone spur removal

  • I had a tear in my labrum, and bone had to be shaved off.. started back in 2001. I was told there was nothing wrong with my hip..but I always had pain. Of course my BD Took over and and over a span of 10 years destroyed my hip. Finally Had surgery to fix but when I can out he said he could only clean it up my cartilage look like shredded carpet and it was full of arthritis.

  • So sorry hope that didn't worry you... thats not normal but back when it happened they didn't have the audiogram MRI or the technology to see the tear by the time and because I waited so long for a second opinion Span 10 years it was too late