Lanna Quinn shared The American Southwest's photo to the group: Osteoarthritis sufferers and rumatic arthritis suffers.

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  • Gorgeous!

  • They charge a lot of money for a pass

  • Omg

  • What was the pass for do you remember MJ Narula?

  • The Havasupai tribe makes you buy the pass to access the area. $50 + $10 enviro fee+ $25 to camp. tm

  • Breathtaking Lanna.Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos xx

  • Aw, yes, this is one of the ways that the Indians can help support their tribe. It is not an actual part of the Federal National Partk system and is on Indian land so they can charge entrance fees like this. Sorry if you think this is so expensive MJ Narula, but this is how our indian people help make the money to support their people.

  • We have campgrounds out here in our state that charge so much just for tent camping and then there is a higher rate if you have an RV, but you do end up paying a fee. Some state parks and campgrounds in our state do have an annual permit that you can buy if you are going to be camping, picnicing or fishing on a more regular basis.

  • We are also Native American :) My Grandmother used to have a shop that sold handmade Native American goods up on Orcas Island before retiring and settling in Mexico and then finally Sedona. It is a bit costly for a family of four to get out there on a hike to see it. Both my boys are Scouts so we'd like to get there someday.

  • Yes, I'm part too, but don't have enough for a census number. Please remember tho, anywhere you may want to visit might more expensive as they do rely on tourist dollars and the cost of living is going to be more expensive just like my hometown of Durango, Colorado. Durango went from being a ranching/farming community with a small college to now being a full tourist town, a full college and a very high cost of living and everything including motels, dining, gasoline, etc is higher. Also with remote areas like this such ammenities are going to be more costly as there is no real direct route for the trucking industry off of the interstate system.